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Greetings from the Light Body Newsletter! 🌟 This month, we are thrilled to embark on a transformative exploration with Jeff Levin – founder of Life Alignment and Vortex Technology -, as he guides us through the process of “Activating Our Light Body” by harnessing its luminous essence.

The concept of the Light Body is rooted in various mindful traditions, and interpretations may vary across different belief systems. Generally, the Light Body is considered to be an energetic or spiritual counterpart to the physical body, representing a higher level of consciousness and vibration.

What exactly is the “Light Body”?


Here’s a brief overview of the structure of our Light Body:


  • Chakras are energy centers within the body, mainly aligned along the spine. These centers are associated with different aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Activating and balancing the chakras is an important aspect of the system of Life Alignment and contributes to the overall health of an individual.
Subtle Bodies:
  • The subtle bodies are layers of energy that surround the physical body. These layers are often associated with different aspects of consciousness and are thought to extend beyond the physical form. The mentioned layers include the etheric body (connecting the physical and spiritual realms), emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body.
  • The aura is an energetic field that surrounds the physical body that contains information about an individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. The aura is often depicted as a multi-layered field, with each layer corresponding to different aspects of the individual’s being.


A healthy Light Body is not only important for our spiritual growth but also for the physical manifestations of it. 

For true holistic health, all our subtle bodies need to be aligned and healthy. This is a fundamental proponent of the Life Alignment healing system. We need to bring more light into our being. By bringing more light into the subtle bodies, we radiate higher frequencies, positively influencing ourselves and our surroundings and activating consciousness and expansion.

The idea is that by working with these energetic structures we listed above – we are building and maintaining the vehicle of the Light Body.  We can raise our vibration, expand consciousness, and connect with higher spiritual realms.



How exactly do we bring more light into this Light Body? And how does a Life Alignment Balance facilitate the increase of light and vibration in our bodies?

Embarking on the journey of activating your Light Body is a deeply personal and transformative experience. It often begins with a stirring within the soul, a longing for something beyond the mundane realities of everyday life. As you delve deeper into self-discovery and spiritual exploration, you may encounter profound shifts in perception, heightened intuition, and a sense of interconnectedness with all living beings. These shifts automatically allow more clarity into our Light Body, thus exponentially increasing its brightness.

A Life Alignment Practitioner would work energetically with specific “body points”. One of many effects of this technique is to generate and elevate the activation of the Light Body.  In the process of a LA session, we are also able to identify if modalities, such as Torus or Merkabah movements, meditation, or rest are of advantage to the individual which can be continued at home after a LA balance.

Let’s ask Jeff: How do we activate our Light Body?   

The Activation is a procedure aimed at energetically increasing and activating the strands and integrity of the Light Body, thus creating greater protection. This is done with daily physical practices and there are several ways of course to do this. Regular practices of the following are suggested, and can be done by everyone, no matter where they live.

  • Meditation and Breathwork.
  • Mindful movement, such as the Merkabah and Torus Meditations.
  • Grounding by walking in nature as much as possible. A walk on the beach bare feet, touching gras, leaves, rocks and trees…
  • Eating mindfully, with gratitude. Consuming whole foods and raw food – as much food as possible with high life force. Thai means minimal to no processed food, with the emphasis being plant based.  Crucial is drinking a lot of still water of good quality.

A sense of community is very important for our light body activation and a basic tenet in the Life Alignment community as can be witnessed by the myriad of faces on the bi-monthly “Chats with Jeff” and attendance at the workshops offered. This chat delves into the light body and questions about its incarnation.

We often talk about our subtle bodies and recently more about other “vibrational fields” such as the Torus field and Merkabah. What are we talking about?

Our human bodies, and indeed all bodies, including the planets, are surrounded by energetic structures which are vehicles for inter-dimensional movement and travel.

One of the basic fields is the Merkabah field. In Hebrew, “Merkabah” means “chariot” and in ancient Egyptian, “mer” means “light” and “ka” means “spirit”. In other words the Merkabah can be described as a sacred geometric energy field that surrounds the human body or any living being. In Module 4, when becoming an advanced Life Alignment practitioner, we teach the so-called Merkabah Dance. It’s a specific moving meditation, including breathing exercises, spinning body movements and creating a field of energy that envelops and protects the individual.

Another vibrational field is the Torus Field.  Energy moves in a torus-like pattern, flowing out from a central point, then looping back around and returning to that point. Our human body’s Torus Field starts just above our Crown Chakra and ends below our feet. However, everything has a Torus Field. The planets, our physical hearts, even a stone. All the energy fields around living beings, such as humans, plants, or animals flow in this pattern. The way this energy flows bridges the gap between our physical and metaphysical bodies and illustrates the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of the universe. In Vortex Technology we are having 2 magnetic cards which support the activation of our Torus Field.

Can I feel when my Light Body increases?

Absolutely. There are concrete advantages you gain when activating and maintaining your Light Body.

  • Heightened intuition and psychic abilities
  • Increased vitality and well-being
  • Enhanced creativity and manifestation abilities
  • Deepened connection to your true self and the universe. This feels like “knowing” in your heart area. A sense of being bigger than before
  • Longevity – a subject lately that has become very prominent and relevant


The workshop on the 27th and 28th of April is on exactly this subject – Activating our Light Body. May it bring profound insights and a deepening connection to the universe.


Vortex Card of the month



The Torus Cards are specifically designed for Life Alignment practitioners and those who may be instructed by them.

A Torus is the energetic structure that surrounds polarised magnetic fields such as a bar-magnet, our body and the planet.

The heart is the only organ in the body that has its own torus field. Using the Torus Set on the body helps to energetically align the heart torus with the body torus field. The set can also be utilised when working with an injury or pain. Remarkable effects have been reported, ranging from physical relief to emotional upliftment as well as an extraordinary increase in energy (Life Force).

In a home or office, the Torus set may be placed along an axis, with two polarities, typically down a hallway or at the extremity of a house/building.

Events & more…

27 – 28 April: ACTIVATE YOUR LIGHT BODY, Open Workshop
30 April – 1 May: Teacher Intensive for Module 3 and up, Training.

31 May – 18 June: Jeff LIVE in Europe!!!

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