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00:00 - 02/22/2024

22, 29 February & 7, 14 March 2024 Times: 19h30 – 22h00 SAST

Value: ZAR 4600 for all 4 evenings, single drop-in ZAR 1220


Archangel Metatron has become a crucial part of the sacred Life Alignment Team. Last year Jeff Levin released the powerful Vortex Metatron Cubes – a complex, two-dimensional design in Sacred Geometry. On this journey, over 4 evenings, Jeff will explore heavenly guidance – using his channelled order of Vortex Metatron Cubes to unblock our divine purpose:

  • Session 1: Realisation of Godliness & Self-Confidence


  • Session 2: Cosmic Awareness & Compassion
  • Session 3: Prosperity Consciousness & Awakening
  • Session 4: Joy & Self-Empowerment


The Cube is believed to be a strong transmitter of energy with an extremely high vibrational acceleration – capable to attract positive forces and dissipate negative energies.

We are currently in a time in which we question our purpose for being here – as individuals and on a global scale. What part do we play within this Divine Universe? How can we, as simple humans know what is required of us? How can we become more spiritual and strengthen our connection with Higher Consciousness? The Archangel Metatron and Vortex Technology has the special ability to connect with those who seek this guidance and protection.




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