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Mini Masterclass
16:00 to 20:00 - 05/19/2024

19 May 2024 16h00 to 20h00


_Past Life/ Time Frame, Person, Place, Situation_

*We are introducing the “Mini Masterclasses” with Jeff*

The goal is to break up the Masterclass-time with Jeff into several stages and offer more variation and flexibility for our students.

As you all know, qualifying for *every* module includes a Masterclass with Jeff. As an alternative to the 2-day Masterclass in one go on the topics of the respective module, we now also offer the option of attending 3 Mini Masterclasses – independent of the modules- or 2 Mini Masterclasses and one Open Workshop with Jeff in order to be able to qualify faster and more individually.

In this Mini Masterclass Jeff will dive deep into the Question during a Balance *“Additional Information”*. He will demonstrate and strengthen your skills to manage PAST LIFE AND OTHER TIME FRAMES. He will also showcase how to deal with additional information such as “Person, “Place” and “Situation” which might come up before or during a session and balance it with the priority persons of the group. There will be allocated time for Q&A.


Pre-requirement: Module 2 student and up


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