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12:00 04/17/2021 to 18:00 04/25/2021

Saturday the 17th of April

Sunday the 18th of April and Sunday the 25th of April


The Foundation Course is the first course of Life Alignment.

It is studied in a three day course with a series of four half day practical follow-ups.

In addition, there are a number of case studies to complete as part of the course before qualifying to work as a Foundation Course practitioner, and being eligible to study Module 1 of Life Alignment.

All the major procedures learnt in the Foundation Course are applied in every balance no matter what level the practitioner may qualify in.

They are some of the simplest yet most powerful techniques used in Life Alignment.

Studying the Foundation Course is a prerequisite to learning more advanced modules. Only one emotional process is taught at this level: The emotional release.

This gives students time to develop the skills they will need to work with emotions and clients’ stories at a more advanced level later on.

Some of the techniques you will study:

·  How to work with the major and minor chakras in the body to bring harmonisation to where it is needed

·  How to bring healing to the major systems of the body

·  How to muscle test

· How to do distance work using Body Spin energy tools and techniques

· How to dowse with a pendulum

·  How to work with emotions energetically

· How to stay centered when working

Foundation Course is compatible with other techniques such as Reiki, and once it is mastered on its own, it can be combined with them fairly easily.

Teacher: Alex Edgar

Times: 12h00 midday to 18h00 PM EST or 8AM PST to 14h00

Place: online

Language: English

Cost:  $450.00.

For information and Registration:

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