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TRAINING: MODULE 3 PART 1 with Cherry Tyfield & Francesca Chiarmetta
09:00 07/02/2022 to 18:00 07/03/2022

MODULE 3 PART 1 with Cherry Tyfield & Francesca Chiarmetta

2 – 3 July

This 5-day workshop is divided into 2 sections. The first 2 days are focused on learning and practising the body points and specific processes. This will be followed by 3 days of intensive training with Jeff Levin.

This workshop is open all students from Module 2 and up.

This advanced module plays a very important role in helping trainee practitioners to release their personal “stories”, clear and balance many issues and emotional patterns that no longer serve them. It is a very powerful and transformative module where enormous shifts of energy take place and aids personal self-development and expansion.

Prerequisite: Module 2

Language : English

Times: TBC with teachers

Place: online

Cost: £250

For information and Registration: Cherry Tyfield or Kate Ginn +44 7419 738 161 and Francesca Chiarmetta

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