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“Life Alignment works at centering and expansion,
in other words: it brings light into your life”

What is Life Alignment System

Life Alignment has helped thousands of people on all continents of the earth through personal development to create a life of power, love, forgiveness, health and abundance.

Would you like to feel connected to yourself again and feel more joy in your life?

Everything you need to heal and claim the life that is destined to be yours is already within you. This simple but powerful message lies at the very heart of Life Alignment to help you do just that.

This modality brings transforming tools from the latest findings in quantum physics and kinesiology in a unique way together in order to optimally support and empower you on your way.


Our Homes are reflections of who we are. Home Alignment is a comprehensive system which provides solutions for clearing and balancing your home space, workplace or plot of land, in order to harmonise the energy dynamics of the space.

Just as the body holds memories of all that has happened to us, so our home and workplace absorb and store the energy of past and present experiences and occupants and of the local environment.

How is the flow of energy and your well-being in the rooms in which you live, love and work?

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Today, our buildings are permeated by a variety of invisible ‘toxins’ – internal and external pollutants – which can negatively impact our human energy field and affect us on many levels.

Home Alignment provides solutions for you on all levels if...

  • There is geopathic stress in your environment such as underground water, planetary energy grids, disturbing earth radiation, cracks in the earth plates, burial sites and many others.
  • There is technological stress: Electromagnetic Radiation from home Wi-Fi, 4/ 5G, telecommunications transmitters, high tension wires, computers, electrical appliances and other “electrosmog”.
  • There is energetic stress such as negative Feng Shui, emotional and thought patterns, negative family patterns, foreign energy, topography, curses, hooks, entities, energy blockages and other unwanted presence
  • You have negative sleeping habits
  • There is friction in the family or colleagues at work
  • Occupants of a building suffer from chronic diseases
  • You want to uplift the energy flow in your environment to a point as if there is a sacred space in your home
  • The energy doesn't feel right in your environment, for example you can't relax at home or can't concentrate at work
  • You have difficulties to buy or sell a building or land

Home Alignment identifies the specific energetic aspects that act as blockages to the flow and expansion of life-force and provides solutions to transmute them.

The process of Home Alignment:

Home Alignment works with the floor plan of your space to identify harmful influences and negative patterns that are blocking the natural flow of energy in your life.

Each Home Alignment will identify and treat the individual stress occurring in your environment and will locate and expand the field of the Heart center to invoke love energy in your space.

Furthermore Home Alignment balances the energies and blockages of the occupants by looking at the relationship to the personal- & home space, to cosmic energy, contracts you might have made with your home space and boundaries which might need to be set. According to your need this can be an ongoing process.

As with Life Alignment, Home Alignment can be done both remotely as well as on premises. The pre-requirement is the blueprint or floor plan of the space which needs to be aligned, which is the energetic representation of the area. Please speak to our Life Alignment Consultants to get a free introduction to the Home Alignment concept.

Process in a nutshell

Phase 1         Identifying Root Causes, locating and activating Heart Centre

Phase 2         Floor plan and flow creation and identifying relating aspects

Phase 2         Consultation - Personal & Home Space

Phase 4         Clear Priority blockages and execution of treatments

Phase 5         Final Consultation

What is Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress may be defined as the development of imbalances or illness in response to energies which radiate from the Earth. Some of the diseases that have been associated with geopathic stress are cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune disorders and cancer. Some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, restless sleep, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and neurological disabilities in children.

The energy grids of the Earth

In the past few years there has been a documented rise in the vibrational frequency of the Earth. The old energy grid system which exists on our planet is being replaced by a new energy, and the balance of the elemental forces within each cell on the planet is being compromised. This shifting balance is affecting the health of the planet itself. Cells of the old and new vibrational frequencies are competing for energy, and because our environment has been so weakened by our pollution there is very little left to flow into them. As a result, the cells are turning to the only remaining source of vitality compatible with their structure within the energy system – us. The cells are taking energy from humans.

Cellular function

The cells of living organisms naturally maintain an electric charge across their membrane which is essential to the normal functioning of human tissues. This is extremely sensitive to very weak electromagnetic fields. Radiation of unnatural frequencies can rearrange and damage molecules alter their metabolism. The resulting disharmony may eventually lead to changes in hormonal activity, affect the synthesis of genetic material, interfere with the flow of substances in and out of cells and change the behavior of cancer cells

Free radicals

The basic mechanism for damage involves free radicals. These atoms damage proteins and cellular membranes, mutilate DNA, reduce levels of antioxidant hormones such as melatonin and disrupt patterns of electromagnetic energy in muscles and upset calcium levels in the body. In addition, free radicals can destroy protective lipids in the cell membrane and lead to fluid retention, which accelerates the aging process.


Geopathic Zones

When natural radiation rises through the Earth, its wavelength is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields emanating from subterranean running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. These distorted fields of radiation produce Geopathic Zones which are harmful to living organisms. Their span of influence can range from 2 to 200 feet, reaching a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Geopathic Zones can also be man made. These zones are caused by electromagnetic fields emanating from structures such as high tension power wires, satellite towers, and electrical street poles or fuse boxes.

Personal Zones

Personal zones are random in direction with a variable range of influence and height. These zones produce energies which uniquely affect an individual on a personal level. Essentially they produce an energy that grates on the energy of a given person or animal, producing a chronic subtly annoying and irritating effect.

Interference Lines

As with Personal Zones, Interference Lines are random in direction with a variable range of influence and height. They produce an energy which interferes with the personal goals and objectives of a given individual due to a buildup of negative energy. Quick and extremely positive changes occur when these are neutralized, including an increase in production and cash flow. It is strongly recommended that home-based businesses and office buildings be checked for such interference.

The Hartmann Grid

Hartmann lines were discovered in 1950 by a German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann. These lines run in a North-South orientation at +/-2m intervals, and in an East-West orientation at +/-2.5m intervals, forming a grid around the Earth. Approximately every 5 th line is stronger, and this related to the Benker Grid described below. The junction of two Hartmann Lines is known as a grid knot. Harmful radiation is intensified at these junctions, and they are considered to be the worst place for an individual to sleep or work.

The Benker Grid

The Benker Cubical System is named after Austrian researcher Anton Benker. The grid is formed by energy lines spaced +/-10meters apart and aligned magnetically in a North-South and East-West orientation. The resultant “blocks” are alternately polarized and oriented towards the zenith of the Earth. The electromagnetic walls of these “blocks” are about 1 meter in diameter and the radiation emitted by them is harmful to the immune system, particularly when exposed to points of intersection over extended periods of time.

The Curry Net

The Curry net is named after Dr Manford Curry, who discovered the lines which form the net covering the Earth. These lines were originally a necessary, healthy part of the morphology of the planet. However, over the last 30 years they have become negatively charged due to manmade transmitters and power lines. They run 3-5 meters apart in a Northeast-Southwest and Northwest-Southeast orientation across the globe, getting closer together as they approach the equator. Curry Lines are most powerful when the sun is at the opposite end of the Earth. It is considered to be an extremely bad idea to sleep over them, because the body behaves as a battery and discharges energy to these lines. As a result the individual wakes after a full night’s sleep feeling drained and exhausted.

Ley Lines

Ley lines originate below the Earth’s surface, occurring between predominantly big, hollow natural landforms e.g. caves, volcanoes, lakes etc. Many spiritual centers are built on these lines in order to accentuate their power. Ley lines can however become toxic after deviating along power lines, roads, quarries and other manmade structures, and can become negatively charged when overlaid by streams, Hartmann knots, electrical towers, etc.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Negative radiation can be emitted by electrical devices within a building (e.g. television sets, computers, broadband internet, electrical blankets, cell phones, etc) or from external sources (e.g. high tension wires, sub-stations, satellite dishes, cell phone towers, x-rays, etc.)

Black Streams

Earth energies which have become contaminated along their course by man made structures such (e.g. landfills, burial sites, polluted streams, etc) are known as Black Streams. These can easily be cleansed by the introduction of plant life into the affected area.

Microwave Radiation (MW)

Microwave radiation is electromagnetic (EM) radiation which falls in the frequency range between 300MHz and 300GHz. Natural low-frequency EM fields come from two sources: the sun, and thunderstorm activity. However at sufficiently high power densities, RF/MF energy can cause blindness and sterility, and alter the human body’s circadian rhythms, immune system, and the chemical signals communicated through cellular membranes.


Radar systems detect the presence, direction or range of moving objects. This is achieved by sending pulses of high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF). Radars usually operate at radio frequencies (RF) between 300 MHz and 15 GHz. RF fields within this part of the electromagnetic spectrum are known to interact badly with the human body.

Underground Water

Underground water flows in innumerable ways as a stream or groundwater, surfacing as springs, wells and wetlands. It can also be held back in underground caves, lakes or as a water table. Deep water may rise and not surface as in a blind spring. Water has a flowing, agitating character and if positive can be beneficial for short times. This also relates to water pipes.

Cell Phones

A cell phone is the only radiation-emitting consumer product that people intentionally hold against their heads. The EM radiation emitted is similar to microwave radiation used to cook food in a microwave. Current research has shown that 70% of the radiation emitted by cell phones is absorbed by the head, creating “hot spots” in the brain. Radiation from cell phones has also been linked to damage to the immune system, brain tumors, fatigue, headaches, rise in blood pressure, short term memory loss and reduced learning capacity. Anybody with a genetic predisposition to cancer should not use a cell phone at all, as such a high level or radiation can set the process in motion.

What are the effects of Geopathic Stress on humans?

  • Resistance to medical treatment
  • Feeling of being run down and exhausted
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Not wanting to go to bed and once in bed – insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold,
  • cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding of teeth and nightmares.
  • Upon waking, the feeling of fatigue with a fuzzy head and backache.
  • Bedwetting in children and continuous crying in babies.
  • Lowering of the immune system
  • Malabsorption of nutrients sometimes causing allergies to food, drink and environmental pollution

If you have any of the above symptoms or your home just does not ‘feel right’ in some area, or if you have noticed an increase in illness or depression since moving into your home or work environment, then you may be affected by some kind of GS. If you live close to a cell phone mast or radar stations and/or have a wireless computer connection you will almost certainly be impacted negatively by EMF radiations.

One of our Home Alignment practitioners will be able to help you establish exactly what geopathic stresses are affecting you and your home. They will also be able to advise you on what remedies to use.


Organisation Alignment is a branch of Life Alignment dedicated to bringing well-being and harmony into a project, organisation, business, family or group, tracing a safe and powerful path towards growth, wealth and abundance.

Like the body, there is illness in a business if the energy flow is blocked. Organisation Alignment is an exceptional and unique tool for economical, social and process oriented growth and is created to bring lasting success and deep positivity to your business.

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Organisation Alignment looks at a business as an inseparable and interconnected whole, taking into consideration all its dimensions and elements. This is a very effective, new approach to help companies and projects move successfully into the future, and as a means of discovering where increased flow is needed.

Organisation Alignment is suitable for any type of business, team, or group of people pursuing a common mission, such as:

  • Sole proprietorships all the way to large corporations
  • Privately held companies or non-profits
  • Companies as a whole or individual departments or teams within the organization
  • Special interest groups
  • Family units

Do you experience internal and external challenges such as:

  • Stuck communication flow with stakeholders.
  • Conflict in teams or between partners
  • Inefficient Management
  • Decreasing clients and income
  • High fluctuation
  • Stepping into the shoes of ancestors or previous CEO’s
  • Joint ventures
  • Startups: How to kick off successfully

Businesses are made up of “relationships'' and “interactions''. All involved individuals, including their mental models or the way they see life and relationships based on prior experiences and related to their levels of social and emotional intelligence, can negatively affect their ability to work with other team members or departments.

Additional factors which influence the success of a business:

  • Political factors, such as a business’s ability to respond effectively to changes in the political landscape, especially relevant in times of pandemic such as the current COVID19 circumstances
  • Economic factors, such as the way a business is affected by changes in the wider, interconnected economy
  • Technology is a clearly significant factor in today’s world as it affects business models. For instance, whether the business has a storefront presence or is a virtual business, finding marketing strategies, organising remote working teams and its communication dynamics, managing sales goals etc.
  • Environmental factors, which can include the business’s carbon footprints as well as identifying und revolving geopathic stress including electromagnetic factors.

Benefits of OA

Organisation Alignment helps business owners and leaders of businesses to be on track with the accelerating changes and shifts in the world. This can result in greater strategic thinking and planning to support the management team in taking a proactive rather than a reactive stance, leading to more freedom and empowerment in accomplishing its goals.

Benefits of Organisation Alignment:

  • Restoring the flow of your business
  • Seeing the forest for the trees and uncovering blind spots
  • Increased quality and flow of communication within the organisation or team
  • Improve job satisfaction throughout all stakeholders of the organisation through increased alignment with the core values of the organisation
  • Providing a safe place for issues within the organisation to be addressed
  • Aligning the vision and mission with the motive of the business
  • Navigation for the management guiding through challenges and decision-making
  • Testing new projects and products before kicking off
  • Discovering the purpose of the business, project, team etc. Uncovering the aspect of your business which serves the highest good and with this unblocks the flow of abundance in its highest potential
  • Identifying potential for growth in efficiency, profit, lean management, change management, productivity and human well-being
  • Maintaining a flourishing business and a positive team spirit

As with Life- & Home Alignment, Organisation Alignment can be done both remotely as well as on premises. The representation of the organisation is the corporate organogram. Please speak to our Organisational Alignment Consultants to get a free introduction to this evolutionary concept of business consulting.


Often throughout the history of humanity, new innovative and highly effective tools have become evident, giving us new evolutionary opportunities.

Life Alignment has developed Vortex technology to facilitate the process of raising the vibrational frequencies of our food, water, community, and land. This is important because, as we heal ourselves, we become more aware of the toxicity and suffering in the world.

Vortex technology is imprinted with high vibrational frequencies channelled through significant Light Beings that have agreed to work with us and our environment.

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