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It is a natural human aspiration to live well, but what about dying well? Is there such a thing as dying gracefully? This months newsletter

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Self Worth

Do you have a strong sense of self-worth? Your own sense of self worth is vital to our well-being and success to achieve what we

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Healing Mother Earth

Healing Mother Earth In these turbulent times, the world faces the challenges of war and conflict.  We seek higher meaning and purpose to make sense

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Geopathic Stress

GEOPATHIC STRESS     What is Geopathic Stress? Have you ever wondered why plants thrive in some places and right next door they just don’t

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Anyone who deals with their own emotional world will sooner or later come across the concept of projection. It originally comes from psychoanalysis. Within the

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How do you enable employees or yourself to be not only productive, but loyal? Engaged, but not stressed out? Collaborative and communicative, but also focused

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