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Jeff Levin DNM

Life Alignment Founder


As a child, I had an interest and certain awareness of the realm of energy. But after very severe military training I became extremely ill for about 25 years. At first I sought out different ways to heal myself in the conventional world. However, that did not work for me.

So I went back to my energetic base that I was interested in and I began to work with energy. I was an architect back then but at the same time, I was inspired to help people to heal energetically. I knew nothing about energy healing, but I followed an inner guidance that led me to many miraculous experiences.

Later, I moved to Canada, where I studied many different health and healing techniques such as kinesiology, acupuncture and nutrition. I opened a holistic centre in Toronto, with many practitioners working together. I also opened a retreat centre where people would travel to from all over the world for cleansing and detoxification retreats. There I began to receive intuitively the seeds of Life Alignment from my own higher consciousness and incorporated this healing into the cleansing retreats.

The response was so powerful that people started asking me to teach them what I was doing, but I was unable to, as I was working intuitively. My deep need to teach grew, and I was guided to go into a retreat and, over a number of days of deep meditation, I “downloaded” the teaching system, which at the time we called Body Alignment.

It consisted of a series of different points on the body connecting energetically to the organs, glands and body systems and a way of working with them. I could not understand where this was coming from as it was completely different from everything I had learnt previously.

I started to work with clients using this technique, and I was totally amazed by its immense power. After a couple of months, I was able to put a training manual together. That was in 1991. I was then able to teach the students who had been waiting for what was then module 1 of Body Alignment. Over the years more information came through intuitively – modules, as well as Vortex Technology.


Life Alignment was born, and my life’s purpose to spread it worldwide began