Maybe you’ve just reached a point where you long for more self-determination and clarity that goes hand in hand with inner security and an authentic power? Manifestation is on everyone’s lips but does it work at all? And how do I know that it works?

Manifestation — the idea of bringing something you want into existence through aspirational-thought practices — is nothing new: It has roots in the 19th-century and included the belief that our thoughts can influence the material world and, essentially, that positive thinking is the answer to most of our earthly problems. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

In this month I am talking to Francesca Chiarmetta, founder of the Life Alignment Academy, about her understanding of Manifestation and the special procedure of the Manifestation Process offered by the system of Life Alignment.

I know you have a special passion for the Manifestation Process of Life Alignment. Can you tell us more about the general concept of Manifestation?


I love Life Alignment and I especially love the procedure of the Manifestation Process, because it supports people to manifest something real in their lives.

Let me first differentiate what I understand under “Manifestation”. Mastering the Art of Manifestation is different from the Law Of Attraction, which became very popular a number of years ago. The Law Of Attraction certainly helped people to open up to new ways of thinking, but it also induced people to think that if you want something all you need to do is keep thinking about it. This, of course, led to massive disappointments, as things don’t really work this way. We can’t just sit around and wish for things. We have to take responsibility for what we desire.

How can we take responsibility for our reality and what we want to manifest?


All human beings have within themselves this amazing ability to manifest anything. In fact, we are always manifesting, every time we put out a thought, we get some response from the Universe. But most often than not: we are not happy with the results. Why? Because we attract what we are, not what we want! In order to consciously manifest anything in life, we first have to be in alignment with Source.

This means that in order to manifest something in our life, we first need to have within ourselves those qualities, which align us to what we want. So, in order for me to manifest a new house or a new job, I may first need to develop gratitude or trust. And only then, I can manifest my wish.

In other words, I need to take responsibility for my feelings, attitude and the qualities I put out there in the world.

If I simply work with my intent, trying to focus my mind to manifest, I will most probably be disappointed. The ego-mind thinks it knows what it wants and what it needs. And actually, sometimes we do manifest what we ask, only to discover it is not what we needed!

Makes sense, however, it sounds tricky to recognize and live the difference between wanting and being and between soul intention and ego-mind.


Absolutely. This is why I am so passionate about the Manifestation Process of Life Alignment. It helps our clients to align what they want with who they are (or need to become). Based on their intention, we work on what needs to manifest within themselves, clearing layers that help them integrate new positive qualities. As a result, this will open the way to manifest what they asked for. We discern very carefully to find out what is for their highest purpose and with this approach we are able to work beyond the ego mind.

When we try to manifest something in our life, our intent moves through a number of filters into the Universe, filters we generated throughout our life or even in previous lives. They are limiting thoughts and belief systems such as “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t deserve it” or “I’m not good enough”.

There are many stories that we hold that sabotage what we put out to the Universe.

With the Manifestation Process, we open a pathway through the auric field (or subtle bodies), from the outer layers, all the way to the physical body, following the original creation process: from God’s vibrational thought, to our two-dimensional matter. Proceeding this way, we ignite a breakthrough that clears any sabotaging pattern. In other words: As I become a new “me”, the Universe’s response can flow freely bringing abundance my way.

Sounds absolutely fascinating. How exactly does the Manifestation Process open such a pathway through our field?


The Process consists of a number of emotional balances, how many depending on whether it’s an individual or a group process, each aimed at releasing blockages at a specific level of our being. We go from causal bodies all the way to the physical body, across the spiritual, mental and emotional body.  For each body that comes up as a priority, we identify what is blocking the client from manifesting what they want at that specific level, and we help them integrate the qualities they need to “become”.

We also use the Life Alignment’s Vortex technology, specifically a number of small Cards, called Manifestation Essences, each bringing the frequency of an element into the field (air, fire, water, earth, wood, metal and ether). We place one of them on the body during each balance, to anchor that specific frequency and bring the manifestation into the physical reality. Using these Essences actually makes a big difference.

This is a wonderful Priority taught in Module 4, which can be practised both in person and online.

Do you have an example of the Art of Manifestation?


I have many, both of my clients and of myself as I always see concrete results.

My very first experience with Manifestation was in my early days with Life Alignment. Back then, my love life was a total disaster. It was actually the end of a troubled relationship that prompted me to look for something that would get me out of those repetitive patterns; shortly after I found Life Alignment. I started working on my issues with great determination. I absolutely wanted to heal my wounds in this area and attract a healthy, nourishing and fulfilling relationship in my life.

I participated in two different Manifestation Processes (one of them, in group a with Jeff) and understood the meaning of many painful events I had experienced. I chose to free myself from limiting belief patterns and dysfunctional behaviours so that I could become the person I needed to be, to attract the person I wanted.

A few months later, little did I know, I actually manifested exactly THIS man. What initially seemed to be just a casual encounter, turned out to be the relationship I always wanted, a deep love, my safe space and home.

How could have this been possible, exactly? Looking back, I can see things had actually deeply changed within me, my general attitude in a relationship was surprisingly different. Rather than looking for the other to fulfil my own needs and provide me with the sense of security I couldn’t find within me, I was willingly and spontaneously taking charge of my own emotions, courageously allowing him to see me for who I was.

We embarked on a journey of discovery together, making a conscious choice to accept each other the way we are and taking personal responsibility to heal our respective wounds. We decided to get married after 10 years of being together, as a way to celebrate our success and commitment to move to the next level.

There is no magic formula, just a strong desire to nurture what we built, and LOADS of Life Alignment work, of course.

What a beautiful story and so encouraging! Do you have a recommendation on how we can practice our manifestation skills at home?


If I want to manifest something new in my life, I start with an honest “self-enquiry” and ask myself what qualities I need to acquire in order to open up to that specific manifestation. And then: I ask my Practitioner to do the process on me!

As I often say to both my students and clients: if you haven’t got it yet, it means it needs further work! So, never give up and keep peeling the layers, session after session. In my experience, The Universe always rewards our hard (personal and inner) work.

So, if your heart wishes for something new and exciting and you are willing to do your part, the Universe will conspire to give you exactly that and more!

The Manifestation Process is a simple and incredibly effective journey to get the life you want and become the best version of yourself.