The Memory of Water

Have we spent enough time contemplating the most important substance in the universe?  A substance so powerful that can dissolve other substances as solid as rock and steel, but yet so gentle and nourishing to the human body?  Our bodies comprise over 70% of this precious substance.   We know that our health depends largely on water, but have we ever really thought about why and thought about the properties of water that give it so much power? 

In this month’s newsletter Elinor Durr, Administration and New Business in Life Alignment’s head Office in South Africa, elaborates on the element of water and how Vortex Technology can influence and harness the power of this element.



Maggie: Everybody knows Water, but do we really? Can you give us some short facts?


Let’s start with biology textbook facts.  

  • It is one of the few substances that exists stably in 3 different states – gas, water, and air. 
  • It is recognized in all religions and cultures as being a life-giving force.  
  • It is also the only substance that takes up more space in its frozen form than in its heated form.  

“Water also receives information and is capable of holding a memory,” I announce to Jeff, when we realize we share enthusiasm and fascination for an interesting documentary about Professor Luc Montagnier, a scientist who firmly believed in the theory of water being able to accept and communicate information.  Prof Montagnier discovered the AIDS virus, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency virus).  When announcing this discovery, he was lauded with top honours, including a Nobel prize.  Similarly, he was vilified when announcing his belief, including empirical evidence, of water carrying any electromagnetic signal.  Poor Galileo, like Prof Montagnier was also ousted as a scientist and look how wrong his sceptical colleagues were there.

Jeff and I continue to discuss water properties and are led by you, Maggie, to another fascinating documentary on YouTube about a Japanese scientist,  Masaru Emoto.  He published a collection of photographs titled Messages from Water.   These pictures show that like snowflakes, water crystallized into unique individual crystals, but only if the life force of the water has not been compromised energetically.  

Water’s crystalized molecules are shaped depending on what it hears or feels.  It reacts to music, intentions, and words.  Here are some of Dr Emoto’s pictures: 

Mozart being played 


The word love is written on paper and placed on top of the water jar.
Water does not seem to enjoy heavy metal music.


Maggie: What does it mean when you say water stores memory?


Even if compromised, water does hold memory, just like we do, in our core. The more I think of it, the more I realize that our trauma responses are manifested and implemented in the memory of the water molecules.  We can soothe ourselves with certain musical vibrations.  Water can heal by playing certain music and these are shown in pictures by Dr Emoto and other German scientists who also happily claim water’s energetic and memory properties and capabilities.  

Sadly, we live under the assumption that water is merely a fluid with no life or energy, so we don’t care how it’s treated.  We ignore water’s natural path, and we push it through water pipes at unnatural angles that one would never find in nature. 

Maggie: In Vortex Technology and Life Alignment we are making use of the Water Card. This magnetic card has a huge impact on water and listening to your insight explains the technology and physics behind the “miracle”. Does Life Alignment have any science about the water card to share?

“Jeff,” I ask, “what experiments have you done with the water card, and why would I want to use it?”

“Well,” he replies, with a dead straight face, “for every glass of water I drink, I lose one kilogram.”  I responded with the correct amount of scepticism, knowing that nothing with Jeff is impossible, but did see the glint in his eye before he got serious.  

Jeff had some experiments done using the Vortex technology of the water card in Italy. In Umbria students working at the municipality had to test the various water outlets.  Two tanks supply the area’s water needs.  On one was a pentagon (water card) and one without.  Tests were replicated over the two hundred odd outlets, and it was established that the tank that had been subjected to the water card needed no extra chlorine.  The card dealt effectively with particulate matter such as the bacteria count, thus negating the need for chlorine.  

“The vortex water card is shown to restructure our water to return its life-giving force,” he explains.

The card also boosts our blood frequencies, which makes sense when one realizes that blood comprises water and plasma.  Dark field microscopy tests show the boosted, healthier blood after the pentagon was used in consumed water or placed on the body.  

Maggie: How can we improve our water quality at home? 


We are all best off drinking clean, pure water. It keeps us hydrated, and our body and mind functioning at optimal levels. Knowing that water has a memory, it is best if we all do our share to keep our water clean. This involves not only what we put into the wastewater systems, but also what we put into our bodies! Luckily, nothing is wrong with some tea or coffee in moderation, of course made with healthy water and a water card  will be a great help.  Just by the way, notice how much longer loose-leaf lettuce lasts with a water card on the fridge.  

I can but listen to Jeff’s knowledge and enthusiasm; in awe of the world around us.  I, in turn, am in awe of the life-giving force we take for granted every day; in awe of the fact that without water, this planet, this universe, our world, would not exist. 

We cannot hope to understand all its life-giving properties, but I have made a personal commitment, that every time I get into a body of water, the swimming pool, the sea, or my bath; I say “thank-you” and I take a few seconds to be in awe of a substance so plentiful, but so incomprehensible. 

Namaste, Water.  The light in me recognises the light in you.