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Subtle Energy Medicine – Part 1

Like everything in this world, we are surrounded by energy and our own bodies are surrounded by forces of electric, magnetic, subtle, and light energies that keep us connected. The system of Life Alignment and other forms of Energy Medicine is based on this theory, and has been established by scientists such as Einstein, who proved that energy and matter are interchangeable – thus our whole world is made of energy and everything in it too.

Energy Healing is a traditional concept that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. It addresses the illness caused due to disturbance of the energy flow in the body or environment. More people are turning to Energy Medicine because of its holistic approach that includes not just the physiological, but mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

In this month’s interview I speak to the Advanced Practitioner and author of the Life Alignment books, Philippa Lubbock, about both her experience with conventional and subtle, vibrational medicine as mentioned above. The interview was so rich in information that you can look forward to its second part in January’s blog content.

Philippa, please tell us your first encounter with the modality of Life Alignment.

In 1987, my heart was in pieces and with the daunting responsibility of becoming a single parent, I found a wonderful psychotherapist and journeyed into the darkness. Sitting with her one day, I heard myself say, ‘I think I want to sit in yourchair!’  She smiled and gave me names of two training institutes. Five years later, I sat in the therapist’s chair and began this new journey learning more from my clients than they ever could from me.

Each day, as I sat listening to stories of abandonment, addiction, rape, and loss, I knew – I could see with my own eyes – that these memories and unbearable feelings were locked into the warm, physical body sitting opposite me.  However, even in the fields of body-oriented psychotherapy, it’s ‘hands off’. All those years, I wondered… I kept thinking that there must be a method that works with the story and with the body that holds the pain and negative self-beliefs.

My thoughts, though not sent up in the form of prayer, must have been heard in the angelic realm, because one winter’s day, in 2000, a friend told me she’d attended a Jeff Levin workshop and was blown away. She advised me to contact ‘a lovely woman called Cherry Tyfield.’ I left my first balance knowing that not only had I found what I’d been dreaming of, but also that I wanted to learn to practise this powerful healing method.

So basically, conventional psychotherapy/ modern medicine and energy healing complement each other?

Absolutely. We live in a world where there is division, comparison, and judgement, with each side claiming to be right.

Back in the Swinging 60’s – the era of no seat belts – the car I was being driven in at high speed swerved and smashed into a lamppost (thereby avoiding a near fatal collision). Modern medicine provided an ambulance, morphine, a surgeon, a hospital bed, and physiotherapists who daily got me walking again.

X-Ray, MRI, Ultrasound, and other methods for seeing inside the body provide invaluable information and therefore give us choice as to which healing method we wish to follow.

Throughout my life, I’ve turned to different forms of holistic medicine, psychotherapy, and spiritual wisdom from which I’ve learned how to take care of mind, body, and soul. When Life Alignment blew into my life, that wealth was contained in this one healing method. And so, I view modern and energy medicines as two sides of the same coin. Not separate. Just different. And that allows me to respect and remain deeply grateful to both.


   The Enso symbol, the Circle of Life, harmony and balance between things

Makes sense! Why do you think subtle energy medicine gets more popular nowadays?

Medicine is in transition. As in all aspects of life, wellbeing depends upon balance and history shows that life’s pendulum swings in one direction, swings back in the opposite direction until it settles somewhere between the two:

Conventional biomedicine — Energy (biofield) medicine.

For thousands of years, energy, the force that causes things to move and change, was the faithful servant of ‘Medicina’ – the art of healing. When science burst onto the scene, in the 1800s, exciting new scientific disciplines and methods emerged that would radically change the way medicine was practised and the ancient world of energy medicine was pushed aside. Yet life, with its polarities, challenges us to live with them in balance!

Today, due to the valuable fields of modern psychology, conventional medicine concedes that a patient’s mental state (trauma, depression, stress) affects physical body systems and invites disease. Subtle energy medicine is beginning to be looked upon a little more respectfully.

Can you differentiate for us both “energy medicine” and “modern medicine”?

Basically, it’s parts vs. the whole. Modern medicine divides the body into parts within separate departments. Energy medicine embraces the whole – mind, body, and spirit.

Modern medicine works outside in, its focus is on effect rather than root cause (energy). Subtle energy medicine works inside out and is aligned with the universal law of cause and effect: energy precedes form. If you want to change form (your body), first change the vibrational frequencies of the energy (your mind, emotions, your environment).

A major contribution that Life Alignment brings to the field of energy medicine is to include the environment in the healing process: the law of inter-connection means we can’t heal our body-mind separately from our environment.

What does science say about energy medicine? 

Science says: ‘prove it!’ Scientists and doctors are trained to trust only what they can see and prove through creating innovative experiments and running tests. But how can we see presence, love, strength in a test tube? Where is the machine that can calibrate compassion? Which chemical when swallowed transforms rejection into acceptance? Mind cannot be plucked and placed under a microscope.

We know that these energies affect how our organs and body systems function, but we cannot prove it in a laboratory. So, it is understandable that these invaluable fields of knowledge regard energy medicine with some scepticism.

Some years ago, a client sent her 81 year old father, a scientist, to see me. Since his wife’s death, this atomic physicist had felt lonely and sad. As he looked up at the charts on my wall, I could see him wondering what on earth he was doing here. I said, ‘Professor, thank you for coming to try Life Alignment. No need to know anything about it except that we both work with energy – the atoms in your cells, thoughts, feelings, and the environment!’ He stared at me for a moment and then his shoulders relaxed, and he chuckled. At the end of the balance, he got off the table and said, ‘I’m not sure I understand what’s been happening, but I do feel much lighter. It’s rather magical!’

Okay, science aside, what happens energetically when we are out of balance?

Energy becomes blocked. Blood, fluids, communication between organs and body systems lose momentum. We may feel stuck mentally, emotionally, and thus physically.

Painful emotions such as fear, anger, sorrow vibrate at lower frequencies, leaving us feeling heavy. Our energy field and cells contract, our breathing becomes shallow which reduces the flow of energy, oxygen, and nutrients. We often use the word ‘energy’ as a measure for how we are feeling, ‘I’m full of energy today!’, or ‘I don’t have the energy to do this.’

Whereas thoughts and feelings that are pleasant, enjoyable, like love, joy, kindness, vibrate at higher frequencies and we feel a lightness; our energy field expands, and cellular life is revitalised and nourished.

In your words, how does a Life Alignment balance promote healing and transformation? 

As I continue to learn, grow, and change through working with Life Alignment, I come back to the question that many of us ask: what is it that makes this unique model of energy medicine so effective and profound? The word ‘medicine’ is associated with words like symptom, disease, cure. Indeed, Life Alignment attends to physical illness and treatments, but it is, primarily, a spiritual path. It calls us to come home, to unify our two selves: our eternal true Self and our dear temporary ego-self. And through coming into alignment with our true Being, we live more wisely and peacefully.

More than 2,500 years ago, a wise teacher gave the first of many teachings during his lifetime. He said:

‘Suffering exists. It has a cause. If we know the cause of suffering, then we can end it.’  

We know him as the Buddha.

This profound truth has existed from the beginning of time. And thousands of years later, another wise teacher taught me and countless others:

‘To release pain and suffering, find the root cause.’

We know (and love) him as Jeff Levin.