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The current pandemic is dramatically changing the way our world works. Many of us are facing challenges that can overwhelming and cause strong emotions. This invasive change affects not only the way we communicate and consume but also the way we feel about our approach to life. Life Alignment is using the potential of the energy of these turbulent times to move to the next level of global transformation. Right now it is time for us to activate our power and together create the world we desire.

Quantum physics works with the idea that we have the capacity to live in parallel universes with different realities occurring at the same time. We face a challenge as to how, in moments of deep stress, remember that there are many levels of reality and that we have the choice to move between the levels.

Merle Levin has shared some of her experience with Covid and hopes that by sharing it, she will be of help to others going through a similar process.
One Reality: Plans

My husband Jeff has an upcoming, 77th milestone event. Our plan was to rent a lovely farm and celebrate our Grampa, Dad and hubby of 53 years, who has been a rock of inspiration and wisdom, not only to our family, but to a global family of “Life Alignment” students in the field of natural health and energy medicine. The birthday boy felt healthy, athletic, fit, in love with life at the top of his game. This tangible, first level of reality, felt perfect in every way, shape and form.

Another Reality: The Medicine in the Poison

Even from the vantage of paradise, there is a full view of the state of a world in chaos and uncertainty. The Buddhists say we breathe with one breath, that we are in a connected oneness with everything. I knew this intellectually. Now I know it in the pit of my gut. We breathe with one breath.

Covid crept into our isolated sanctuary like a tiny terrorist and Jeff and I both became infected. It was a bit of a shock. Suddenly the news of Covid variants and spikes have taken on a new flavour; we are members of the club of Statistic.

I recovered from Covid with mild symptoms. Jeff has developed Covid Pneumonia. He is in the local hospital, on oxygen, fighting a battle of breath.

Suddenly I feel connected to the wider world at a new level. Suddenly I am in the war and we are breathing together with millions of struggling others. As I find a way to navigate my way through this, I trust that I am in some way assisting others as well.

I am trying to find the medicine in the poison. Some years ago, I asked Ouma Anna, an elderly San Bushman woman an important question as she dug for healing plants in the Kalahari Desert.

“Why are there poisonous plants?”

“Hai!” she replied. “Poison is medicine to keep you awake.”

I feel I am being called to find some kind of medicine in the poison. I know that I am not alone. I know I have a tangible field of support around me. This is what the physicists call the Quantum Field; what the Indigenous people call Ancestors; which others might call Angels or Guides. I know I can call upon this force for help and I do. And when I do, I get an inner guidance to try to turn from fear towards gratitude.

Grateful Reality: The Realm of Support

I have to search into the crevices of my panic over Jeff’s condition to find the gratitude. Breathing helps; connecting to my teachers helps; meditation helps; praying helps. I spent one entire night walking around my dining room table, trying to settle the extreme angst I was feeling. Walking helped. It became a walking meditation.

Then it arrived, the gratitude, like an invited guest. My hardened, shocked heart softened and I was able to sob at last with tears of the soul. Tears of gratitude for the tremendous level of support flowing towards us by so many around the world.

Jeff’s global “Life Alignment” family of students and teachers are rising to the occasion with such courage and deep synchronised work together. Different communities we have been connected with over the years are praying and sending light to Jeff. Messages are pouring into WhatsApp.

What a miracle this internet connection is! It reinforces the message that we are truly one body, breathing together with one breath.

The well of gratefulness has no bottom and no top. The water keeps welling up – for all of it, and for life itself.

Challenge Reality: Pushing through Fear.

On one of the days when I felt extremely low energy, I flicked on the TV to see what the Tokyo Olympics menu had on offer. I was hoping for gymnastics or synchronised swimming, BMX or horse jumping – something artistic and uplifting…uplifting? “How about high jump?” I asked myself, a sport I had never really watched or been interested in.

So,I settled into the couch with a blanket over my legs and settled in for an afternoon of watching 12 spaghetti-like, tight-tummied, hawked-eyed women, eye a beam that had been set at 1.09 meters above ground.
I readied myself for an afternoon of eagle-eyed boredom. As the bar was raised, some of the lithe ladies were forced out of the competition, a cruel but crucial part of the process of competition. I was not sure what the formula for success was, they were all equally talented athletes. The commentary seemed to focus on their level of mental ability, to stay above fear. This is what felt so inspiring to me. That after all the training to the body, it still comes down to how the whole system works together. With each high jump attempt I found myself meeting my own fear. I began to feel a softness for myself, for my own vulnerability.

I was fascinated at how the camera lens could hone into their eyes before each athlete took to a run before the jump. The zoom was such high resolution I could watch their pupils shift and change as they honed in with their entire body, mind and spirit on that bar in the distance. Pure focus; looking fear straight on; letting every cell and muscle and fibre of their being focus on one thing: “To meet this glorious challenge with all my might.”

F.E.A.R – Face Everything And Rise.
Which bar can you set higher – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?

Because in truth, the bar is rising. Time is tight for us all, and this Covid challenge is one of the cornucopia of challenges facing us as humans. A toned athlete, with discipline and dedication, shows me how I in my small corner of a living room at the tip of Africa can do it:
Find your team. Ask for help – draw on their support. Meet the challenge with a glint in your eye and let your spirit lift you over that bar. Sometimes it’s light, other times it’s heavy and the bar crashes down around you. Then, take up a pen or whatever artistic tool works for you, and let your heart and soul guide you through the process.

Covid right now is an Olympic event and each challenge is a lifting of the bar. The athletes were focused on the gold medal, for me the focus is somewhat different. For me, in this place, at this time, it seems to be about my visible and invisible team of support and how I can learn to draw on it in new and creative ways.

Jeff assures me, difficult though it is, that he is deeply thankful for this journey. He is connecting deeply to his field of spiritual support. His body is struggling while his spirit is soaring. It is as if his chariot has the wheels falling off but the driver sits strongly in his seat. I am inspired by his strength.

Thank you Merle for your wonderful insights. It is inspiring to remember that each and every situation in our life is there for us to activate more power of creation. When I read your full articles on your blog, I was touched to tears. You are an inspiring, strong and transforming woman.