5 ways to be more mindful in your life!

Mindfulness means concentrating completely on the present moment – and learning to perceive physical sensations and thoughts, but not to evaluate them immediately. So for example if you notice yourself panicking because you have done something wrong, you register this, but do not immediately judge yourself for it.

Mindfulness is about simply accepting what you are feeling. An important part of this is noticing how your body feels, what thoughts or stories go through your head, what your breathing is like.


Here are 5 ways you can incorporate more mindfulness

into your everyday life.


  1. Get colorful!


Perceptual psychologists have found a multitude of evidence for this: Colors influence our psyche. Scientists from the University of British Columbia carried out various tests on probands. For example, from two types of toothpaste, the participants more often chose the one against a blue background that promised advantages such as white teeth; those who saw a red area, on the other hand, attached more importance to protection against tooth decay. Similar results with a word puzzle: In a red environment, the test subjects quickly found terms that could be considered defensive, such as “prevent”. In a blue environment they came to terms like “adventure” more quickly.

Interesting right? Red or blue therefore influence what is more important to us: innovation or attention and security. One can therefore conclude that colors work with us energetically.

During a Life Alignment session, colors often come up as a treatment. With the help of the frequency of the color and in relation to one’s own body energy, belief patterns can be influenced and the nervous system can be calmed. Additionally limits are more clearly defined or even a feeling of protection can be created. Time to get colorful! 🙂


  1. Get physical!


Whether Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Darwin or the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard – many creative people appreciated a daily walk to practice mindfulness and to be able to be visionary. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Ex-US President Barack Obama often use walks to give their business decisions the benefit of mindfulness.


In a Life Alignment session, creativity and awareness can be approached and shifted also with physical activity. Doing something physically helps for example releasing something or connecting to a specific feeling. It’s a great tool to get out of the mind and allow the body to speak. Or when it’s time to spend energy out, to release stored emotions of frustration or anger. Let’s get ready for a pillow fight! 🙂


  1. Breathe baby breathe!



Take time to focus only on your breath a few times a day. The best thing to do is to sit down and, if you want, close your eyes. Try to concentrate fully on the process of breathing. If your thoughts wander, it doesn’t matter. Just get back to your breaths and relax.

An enriching exercise is the body scan. You do this by mentally “scanning” your body from the toes to the scalp while you take care to remain mentally only with yourself and your perception of the body part you are concentrating on. Check in with yourself, can I feel the floor beneath my skin? Which parts are exposed, which are in the air, can I feel my bones, teeth, eyes? Usually you find rest immediately and the muscles relax beautifully. The Body Scan not only relaxes, but also trains concentration on the here and now. 


The system of Life Alignment works a lot on Body Points and Body Parts, to discover where trauma is stored and ready to be released. It is a surprise what we can all feel when we are in the power of now.


  1. Electromagnetic Detox!


Do yourself a favor and turn off your smartphone every now and then for a few minutes and enjoy the silence!


OR! Watch how attentive you are when you sit in front of the screen. Mindfulness is about knowing what you are doing. Be focused and meaningful in any activity. So don’t check updates on your mobile phone on autopilot, but consciously focus on it and watch how long it is really fun and rich in content. For starters, however, it is easier to practice mindful awareness with cooking or eating.


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  1. Meditate for a while!


Those who regularly practice meditation are doing themselves good in many ways as they immerse themselves in their own inner world in silence. Scientific studies show, for example, that continuous meditation reduces stress and can resolve anxiety and insecurity. What is mindfulness and self development all about? Strengthen your awareness of yourself and your fellow human beings.


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The turbulence and change occurring on our planet forced a lot of “normal” life to go online. From work and fitness to personal well-being and self-care, many tools for transformation initially relied on online platforms. Now there are many more people who prefer the convenience of non-local treatments, being able to connect to offerings and practitioners all over the world. Therapy and coaching online is nothing new. However, when it comes to vibrational or energetic medicine there is still some skepticism about how much it can do through a screen.

In this month’s newsletter we speak with Jeff Levin DNM about how it works to interact remotely with the body’s energy field to find balance and healing.



Maggie: Jeff, some Life Alignment practitioners have 3-4 online sessions every day all over the world. Can you explain why energy healing works so well over distance?


The most important thing to say at the beginning is that we are working with the quantum field –  the invisible field of consciousness which connects everything that exists. When it comes to the discussion of matter versus energy, a common misconception is the belief that only matter emits a field of energy. In fact it works both ways. The field is the primary agent that affects the molecule, in other words matter. However, a tree, an organ, a stone, basically everything that has life force. So you see it’s a two way street. Energy medicine works with the life force. We don’t look at changing the molecular structure, but we change the field which influences the form and this has an impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body of an individual.

The principle of entanglement works across the field despite the distance. So you don’t need to be in the presence of a person to work with them. You just need a name, thought or any other form of connection to be connected in the quantum field. We in Life Alignment have been doing non local transmission for many years and countless testimonials show that the work is equally effective as if the client and healer were in the same room. It’s pretty easy to understand why. When we are on Zoom or Skype we have a visual connection to our client which allows us to attune with their particular frequency. In addition we work with the name and birthdate or a physical witness such as a hair sample or handwriting which represents the radio frequency of the individual and connects to their DNA pattern. Practitioners and clients create a unified field of energy beyond the distance. 


Maggie: Can you remind us how the field works, what is the field?


The whole universe is a field of consciousness. Imagine it like this: The air around is in random chaos; it’s just vibrating randomly according to whatever influences it. The moment we put a particular focus or intention on something the molecules become organised. This is also how the principle of Vortex technology works. Every magnetic Vortex card has its own wavelength which means the field is organised with a particular purpose. Also each body point has a unique wavelength because it has a different frequency. Each thought, each feeling… all is organised by the frequency and wavelength of the related energy. In other words, independently if we work online or offline we put out the intention to free a blockage in the field of consciousness. Where there is blockage there is low frequency. By raising the frequency we help to release that blockage and restore the field back to its healthy, natural state. That will have an impact on different aspects of our body, life and the planet.

What is important to understand is that it’s not the practitioner that puts out a particular intention. We don’t want to use our mind but the network of the higher consciousness between the client and practitioner. This network is part of the field and works beyond the mind and knows exactly what particular frequency is needed to be established for the clients/ groups best benefit. This differentiates Life Alignment from other mental based concepts. We attune to the higher intention which is embedded in the process of the Life Alignment System.



Maggie: Speaking about the collective field of consciousness, I often hear about the ripple effect. Can you explain more about it? Do I need to be aware of a Life Alignment balance in order to receive its benefits?


We often work on people without their conscious participation and awareness. So long as  permission is given which is from the recipient’s higher self the healing will occur. There are many times that the individual would not give conscious permission for a number of reasons because they don’t believe in it or have mental resistance. However at a soul level which is beyond their awareness they may have a desire for transformation. Having said that, in Life Alignment conscious participation is encouraged as it allows the healing to go to a deeper level. 

When we work on a group setting such as an open workshop or lecture presentation, a priority person and an emotional issue is identified that represents the group-field. Each person in the group may have their own personal story however it is the underlying essence that is addressed. There will be a further ripple effect into the global field that would impact other people beyond the group. Not everyone necessary will feel the energy but the shift will occur nevertheless. This is based on the connection with the issue being balanced as well as the readiness to make the shift.

Once again, we have come back to active participation and the willingness to take responsibility for a new frequency.


Maggie: I had the experience that I couldn’t connect to my emotions during a group session. I really wanted to shift, at least in my mind, but my heart didn’t manage to connect.


First of all, you can receive the benefit of a Life Alignment session without feeling anything. In your example, you are probably trying to use your mind to evaluate how deep the shift has gone. Again – we are working beyond the mind. That means very often we cannot determine what exactly the session has done for us. The reason is that your soul’s agenda can be quite different to your mental agenda. In other words, a soul’s agenda perceives that they are not ready to shift because they have more lessons to learn from it. 

For example, I worked with a mother some time ago. She had a very difficult relationship with her son. He was swearing at her, ignoring her and all efforts from her side have been responded with “Don’t try to change me!”. She reached out to me asking if I could do a balance on her son. He wasn’t open to this but his soul gave permission and I used her as a surrogate. During the session we restored an energetic wall between the two. The crucial element of this was that the mother let go of control and de-creates this wall of protection which was no longer needed. So the session ended up working on the root cause of the mother and her choice of letting go of her son and the effect was it opened up something in the quantum field between her and the son. When the mother came home, her son opened the door and was completely different to her from there on. 

So you see the receiver might be unconscious, other examples are being senile or laying in coma and still their state of being can change dramatically after a balance on them, as on a soul level they opened the receiver. 


Maggie: You mentioned the Vortex technology.  What are the Cards doing with the energy field to make the person more receptive and to shift easier or deeper?


Whatever I bring into the quantum field to up the energy is going to elevate the person I am working with. 

The Vortex cards raise the frequency. In other words the field becomes full of light and more expansive. The Vortex technology increases the vibratory rate pertaining to what is being balanced. If we are balancing your lungs, the Vortex cards are brought in to facilitate and increase the frequency around your lungs, which will make the body’s own healing capacity easier because it operates with a higher frequency.

We have many filters, past traumas, belief systems, family patterns which affect our energy field and make it dense or slow. Imagine it like a laser beam. The more focused the energy and the more energy there is, so the more I increase the voltage of the laser beam and the deeper the transformation is going to go through the layers of one’s auric field.

The Vortex cards create and open a vortex of energy like a gateway through which the transmission passes easier. This helps us to influence and organise the quantum field with a certain intention.


Maggie: What sticks with me is the fact that the more we are connected to the energy of love the more profound we are with our connections and work. 


Yes and this is something you can apply and practice throughout the day. If you emanate a feeling from the heart of compassion, kindness and acceptance whether you are in a digital or physical meeting, you are going to feel that, that feeling of just being enfolded like a mother enfolds a child. It’s tangible. In order to maintain your own field in a Zoom or a business call you can project from the heart or breathe a sense of appreciation towards the group or person on the screen. It could be that you are thinking of the beautiful sense of a flower or a puppy so you are present and your heart is in appreciation and gratitude. This is the difference between being neutral and being a leaf on a tree where you are affected by everything that happens around you. 


Maggie: Thank you for this profound conversation Jeff. What sticks with me is how vital it is to be neutral and to maintain the practice of getting beyond the mind to connect to the quantum field and Source. From this place everything is possible and we can create a ripple effect that affects relationships, family constellations, businesses, larger groups and the entire planet.




Vortex of the month:

Heart Card (Love)


The Heart card assists the heart chakra to invoke love and to bring in harmony. This encourages your system to be open to love and feelings, such as forgiveness, trust and optimism.

The Heart card is used in Home Alignment to activate and strengthen the Heart Center of a building so that it acts as a positive source of energy. It also works on balancing the masculine and feminine energies of a home or in yourself.

Working additionally with the Receptivity Card (Surrender) allows you to go deeper into an emotional process, for example during a Distant healing Process. The card helps to surrender to a supportive energy flow that will allow a transformative experience.