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5 ways to be more mindful in your life!

Mindfulness means concentrating completely on the present moment – and learning to perceive physical sensations and thoughts, but not to evaluate them immediately. So for example if you notice yourself panicking because you have done something wrong, you register this, but do not immediately judge yourself for it.

Mindfulness is about simply accepting what you are feeling. An important part of this is noticing how your body feels, what thoughts or stories go through your head, what your breathing is like.


Here are 5 ways you can incorporate more mindfulness

into your everyday life.


  1. Get colorful!


Perceptual psychologists have found a multitude of evidence for this: Colors influence our psyche. Scientists from the University of British Columbia carried out various tests on probands. For example, from two types of toothpaste, the participants more often chose the one against a blue background that promised advantages such as white teeth; those who saw a red area, on the other hand, attached more importance to protection against tooth decay. Similar results with a word puzzle: In a red environment, the test subjects quickly found terms that could be considered defensive, such as “prevent”. In a blue environment they came to terms like “adventure” more quickly.

Interesting right? Red or blue therefore influence what is more important to us: innovation or attention and security. One can therefore conclude that colors work with us energetically.

During a Life Alignment session, colors often come up as a treatment. With the help of the frequency of the color and in relation to one’s own body energy, belief patterns can be influenced and the nervous system can be calmed. Additionally limits are more clearly defined or even a feeling of protection can be created. Time to get colorful! 🙂


  1. Get physical!


Whether Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Darwin or the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard – many creative people appreciated a daily walk to practice mindfulness and to be able to be visionary. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Ex-US President Barack Obama often use walks to give their business decisions the benefit of mindfulness.


In a Life Alignment session, creativity and awareness can be approached and shifted also with physical activity. Doing something physically helps for example releasing something or connecting to a specific feeling. It’s a great tool to get out of the mind and allow the body to speak. Or when it’s time to spend energy out, to release stored emotions of frustration or anger. Let’s get ready for a pillow fight! 🙂


  1. Breathe baby breathe!



Take time to focus only on your breath a few times a day. The best thing to do is to sit down and, if you want, close your eyes. Try to concentrate fully on the process of breathing. If your thoughts wander, it doesn’t matter. Just get back to your breaths and relax.

An enriching exercise is the body scan. You do this by mentally “scanning” your body from the toes to the scalp while you take care to remain mentally only with yourself and your perception of the body part you are concentrating on. Check in with yourself, can I feel the floor beneath my skin? Which parts are exposed, which are in the air, can I feel my bones, teeth, eyes? Usually you find rest immediately and the muscles relax beautifully. The Body Scan not only relaxes, but also trains concentration on the here and now. 


The system of Life Alignment works a lot on Body Points and Body Parts, to discover where trauma is stored and ready to be released. It is a surprise what we can all feel when we are in the power of now.


  1. Electromagnetic Detox!


Do yourself a favor and turn off your smartphone every now and then for a few minutes and enjoy the silence!


OR! Watch how attentive you are when you sit in front of the screen. Mindfulness is about knowing what you are doing. Be focused and meaningful in any activity. So don’t check updates on your mobile phone on autopilot, but consciously focus on it and watch how long it is really fun and rich in content. For starters, however, it is easier to practice mindful awareness with cooking or eating.


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  1. Meditate for a while!


Those who regularly practice meditation are doing themselves good in many ways as they immerse themselves in their own inner world in silence. Scientific studies show, for example, that continuous meditation reduces stress and can resolve anxiety and insecurity. What is mindfulness and self development all about? Strengthen your awareness of yourself and your fellow human beings.


The Vortex card “Breath of Life” is a fabulous meditation enhancer. More information about the Vortex technology you can find in our web shop.