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Astro Alignment


The practice of astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years. Many philosophers we study use astrology in their writings.

More recently, the New Age movement of the ’70s removed the stigma attached to astrology. The so-called Millennials tend to turn to astrology and transformational modalities in times of stress and uncertainty, wanting to reconnect to their authentic blueprint.

In this month’s we are speaking about Astrology and Life Alignment to Elizabeth Leaneagh from the USA. Elizabeth, a Life Alignment teacher, is not only an advanced Life Alignment practitioner since 1999, she also studied the movement and relative positions of the planets and their impact on our lives and the natural world. Watching the map in the sky can prepare us for how to walk through experiences and events.


Elizabeth, please tell us about your connection to Astrology. What made you work with it?

Astrology has been an interest of mine since I was a teenager.  It was often a subject of taboo by the majority of people, although I came into studying it, initially without wanting to use it in a business context. 

For 25 years, I had a private practice in massage therapy and Life Alignment technique.  Early in my practice, I noticed collective patterns and similar acute physical issues show up in my clients. I asked myself and colleagues “how this could be happening”? After I studied some medical astrology these synchronicities made more sense. Let me give you some examples I observed, when plantar fasciitis starts acting up it seemed to be something challenging happening in one’s life connected to Pisces (feet) or Sagittarius (hips); if they’ve got a kink in the neck this may be stressful times in the houses hosting Gemini (shoulders), Cancer (chest), or Leo (upper back). There is more to it of course, but isn’t this fascinating?  Therefore, I like to be aware of which planets are acting out in the sky to support the challenges clients are experiencing.


Astrology is probably the most widely recognized alternative to conventional life-coaching. Personally, I love astrology and I use it for a lot of situations in my life, however, I don’t really know a lot about it.

I like your comparison of an astrologer to a life coach. Our solar system moves through the galaxy communicating to the collective as though a council is telling us what elemental emotions they express or we may be a recipient of. This could be love, or creativity or an easy day that might be coming and when. I use the word ‘may’, because there are polarities in astrology and different variables of qualities, elements and transits – these all give a different connection with an individual’s Natal Chart. So what does it mean to you when Elder Sun ‘Light’ communicates with Power Pluto and how is this expressed when talking to Value Venus or Militant Mars? With Life Alignment and Vortex Technology we have the most amazing tools to read and positively enhance those aspects.

If you know your time of birth, you may study the houses (aspects) and the location of the moon (emotions, home, family), also, how you show up in society (ascendant) and the Sun’s location (your journey).  A natal chart is the snapshot of time, an explosive dot to dot connection at the time of one’s birth, connecting the cosmic fixed stars and planetary placements to us here on Earth.

To me, the archetypal patterns of astrology are seen as the soul’s contracts and agreements for this life. We have the opportunity to explore our shadows, our strengths, and how we mature through time and therefore, I use astrology regularly in my Life Alignment sessions.


Tell me more about Astro-Alignment. Can we influence aspects of our horoscope with Life Alignment?

Life Alignment has two methods to work with astrology.

Let’s look at Natal Chart Alignment first. This is a technique similar to Home Alignment. Here we look at our chart as our own home and where the soul has chosen to connect and live during this life-time. 

Each degree in the circle chart represents a look into our journey. Those degrees represent a place in the sky. Our ancient ancestors mapped collective experiences and personal patterns here on earth as they observed where certain planets are visible in those areas in the sky. In a Natal Chart Alignment session we use Vortex technology to bring awareness, connection, and movement to the balance. For example the fire card may be used to transform or protect; the air card may be used to harmonize the communication; or the water card to increase flow or nurture. As we have learned in Life Alignment we have blockages that are hiding our full potential. By releasing such blockages, we can indeed influence our astrological imprints and clear challenges. Everyone should give it a try. It is not only magical but also surprising. I’ve had sessions where Astro-Alignment showed up to clear an allergy, and others to complete a pattern of being the ‘giver’ and no longer the magnet attracting the ‘taker’ as two examples.

The Astrological Alignment of Module 4 is a beautiful technique where we have the signs and planets as body points. With this we find the priority sign and then the planets, draw a story out and use essence card frequencies to support the harmonizing balance. For me, to feel the body point of a planet is to bring awareness to an unexplained chatter. Let’s take Neptune for example, to feel this planet within the body, this is the ultimate cosmic love and the grounding of the sea of creativity. 



It can be very surprising, indeed. I remember I received a relationship session with the Synastry charts of my partner and myself. That was such a beneficial experience.

Astrology is all about relationships on earth. Connections and how we communicate, learn lessons, learn about ourselves, and mature. The system of Life Alignment supports astrology to come alive. Many astrologers will tell the story of the sky, some focus on the challenges and others focus on the positives, but few know how to balance the experiences and harmonise with the transits.  Life Alignment gives us that advantage.  

Life Alignment’s vision:

“Life Alignment is a system of vibrational healing that facilitates the release of energetic and emotional blockages from the physical and subtle bodies. It assists in the experience of self empowerment and self awareness. It is a tool for personal and global transformation. Life Alignment is a means for assisting people to shift into higher dimensions of consciousness in alignment with planetary shifts”. 


What can I do at home to practice Astro-Alignment?

Self Awareness and astrology is broad enough to be a lifelong learning.

I suggest you download your chart online and start looking at general keywords of planets and the relation to the signs and houses. You may google key meanings the planets have in each sign and house. Take your time exploring yourself within the astrological archetypes, and have fun!

  • Sun: Who am I? How am I learning to shine, what is my journey? Life force.
  • Moon: How do I feel? How do I prefer to be nurtured, how are my emotions expressed? My inner nature, intuition, and trust, as well as triggers, fears or even lethargy. 
  • Mercury: How do I think? Communicate? Judge and decide? My intellect.
  • Venus: What do I value? How do I find harmony; nature of give and take, love, beauty and my relationships?
  • Mars: How do I act?  Do I prepare with goal-oriented action?  My will power patterns.  What are my passions? Thoughts and practices around sex. How do I discharge pent-up aggressions and frustrations? My drive.
  • Jupiter: How do I grow? My beliefs. How do I prosper? View luck?
  • Saturn: Where are my limitations? The builder and dismantling of structures. My maturity, life lessons, destiny, and time. 


Thank you so much Elizabeth! I am so fascinated about how much we can learn about ourselves and shift with Astro-Alignment. I know there are also Life Alignment Teachers globally which offer workshops on how to read a Natal Birth Chart and balance it on the foundation of Vortex technology. It is so much fun, thank you for refreshing this excitement and motivation.



Rainbow Card: (Harmonising)


The primary use of the Rainbow card is to balance the human energy field, which then promotes alignment in the physical structure of the body.

In the external environment the Rainbow card works on our homes and workplaces similar to how the Personal Protector card works on a body, by harmonising discordant energies for the occupants of the space. It promotes a frequency that harmonises the atmosphere from potential harmful effects such as electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, Feng Shui imbalances, and toxic energies. You can experience a noticeable change in ambience that is imbued with more peace, vitality, lightness, clarity, freshness, and well-being. The same counts for harmonising the effect of planetary oppositions and imbalances influencing us as individuals and the entire cosmos at the same time.

Message of Jeff:

“At this time of the year people of all faiths around the world are celebrating light. Diwali, Christmas, Chukka and others, it is the time where we turn our attention inwards. Connecting to the light within is a welcomed antidote to a world that has gone through a very chaotic year where people have been divided over different perspectives of what is current. This is an invitation for all of us to focus on harmony and leave behind issues which have divided us. It is in our power to stay connected and to come together in a loving and integrative way. Understand the current polarisation as an opportunity to leave behind dualities so that you can learn to come into a neutral state of being. During the festive season of light we want to return to being a loving family – whether in our homes or in mankind as a whole”.