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Discover the miracle in you!


Imagine a world where we allow ourselves to believe in miracles again … Discover your miracle with Life Alignment.

If not now, in times of great disruption and transformation, then when?

Demographic change, digitalisation and of course the Covid-19 crisis is dramatically changing the way our world works. From the way we communicate and consume to the way we have felt our previous approach to life and to our vision, values and projects. Right now it is time for us to activate our power and together create the world we desire. A world full of peace, joy and miracles!

A miracle is the change in your own consciousness; the shift from fear, illness, guilt, anger, insecurity to LOVE and that is nothing that happens by chance or outside of yourself. You can actively influence it! If you show up for yourself the universe pours tons of support over you. That is the law of cause and effect.

How do I create miracles with Life Alignment?



There is a place within us which can be relied upon for its innate wisdom because it sees a bigger picture. Life Alignment works with this inbuilt higher intelligence.

Albert Einstein already explained in his famous quote that “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”. Dr. Jeff Levin created in 1991 the revolutionary method of vibrational medicine called Life Alignment, that focuses on the root cause of what manifests as imbalance rather than focusing on the effect (symptom). Today Life Alignment has helped thousands of people on all continents of the planet to create a life of power, love, forgiveness, health and abundance. If you want to change the form of the reality you face, then Life Alignment supports you to first change the vibrational field where the imbalance originates.

It is time to show up for yourself when you long …

  • To get to know yourself and your purpose better to feel fulfilled and balanced
  • To transform old beliefs, patterns and blockages and to develop a new, positive self-worth
  • To actively shape your relationships, your job and your finances the way you want them to be
  • To let go of your past to create your new reality, transcending your limits in life, career and spirituality
  • A body full of health and vitality

As you allow yourself to be free from the limiting voice of the ego-mind, you begin to hear the voice of your heart again and connect to your true power and soul-purpose.


What happens in a Life Alignment balance?


The events of our lives that are imprinted into our cellular memory influence our emotional patterns and are stored in your “bio-computer”. This vast database is your subconscious mind.

Do you want to know which memories, which painful feelings, which negative thought patterns are disrupting your body’s healthy functioning such as illness, depression, anxiety or your loss of direction?

Life Alignment identifies this answer which is only in YOU!

In a Life Alignment session a qualified practitioner helps you to connect to your cellular memory, to process, shift and release negative beliefs and painful feelings. It is a very accurate system that clearly identifies where stress is stored and is blocking your energy flow. Using body-mind connection and tools such as muscle testing (applied kinesiology), energy body-points and Vortex Cards, enables us to release energetically old trauma, fears, anger and grief, leaving you feeling more confident and aligned with your true Self. Every step is done through guidance by connecting to Higher Consciousness. Your Higher Consciousness knows which memories are in which of your trillions of cells. It goes beyond mental concepts and reconnects us to our divine intelligence and healing capacity. It helps us to answer the question “How can I use my gifts and talents, so that I can better serve both myself and the world?”. A Life Alignment session can be done online and offline. As energy is all there is, a physical appearance is not necessary, but possible.

A crucial element of Life Alignment is the Vortex technology. To be mentally, emotionally and physically balanced, we need to protect ourselves from the range of environmental and geopathic stresses that occur on our planet (both natural stress such as energy grid lines, foreign energy, rock faults, ley lines AND man made electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phones, computers, microwaves, 5G, pollutants in our air, food and water).

It is not sustainable to keep re-balancing the body if, for example, our bed is positioned over an underground stream that saps our life-force while we sleep, or we spend hours in front of a computer or phone weakening our bio-field.

Vortex technology consists of a series of Vortex Cards, small magnetic discs that are each infused with high-energy frequencies, that work with the inner environment (bodymind) and outer environment (buildings, food, water, plants etc.).



Over time Life Alignment developed different accompanying modalities such as Home Alignment and Organisation Alignment.

Home Alignment is a comprehensive system which provides solutions for clearing and balancing your home space, workplace or plot of land, in order to harmonise the energy dynamics and geopathic stresses of the space. Just as the body holds memories of all that has happened to us, so our home and workplace absorb and store the energy of past and present experiences.

Organization Alignment is an unique tool for economical, social and process oriented growth and is created to bring lasting success and deep positivity to your business and teams. Like in the body, illness arises in an organisation if the energy flow is blocked.

The clearer you are, the more purposeful and focused you can define your dreams. Therefore it is so important that your thoughts, feelings and actions are always aligned with your unique purpose. The purpose of Life Alignment is to help you to find this out.


Become a practitioner:

In the practitioner training, students learn the key principles and technical aspects of the Life Alignment system. Each module teaches tools that can be practiced from early stages. Practitioner- and Teacher training is offered in a variety of different languages in online classes or physical training establishments all over the world. The time and level of qualification is up to the student’s choice.

Learning Life Alignment is turbo-charging your spiritual development, helping you to stay centered, neutral, intuitive and connecting to the guidance of higher consciousness. It is a profession that brings transformation, fulfillment and abundance into your life and fits nearly to all niches you would like to offer.


About Jeff Levin :

Dr. Jeff Levin worked for many years as both a prominent architect and healer. His path led him to his life purpose – to develop a healing technique that could be used by people all over the world. 

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