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Life Alignment has developed Vortex Technology to facilitate the process of raising the vibrational frequencies of ourselves, our community and land.

“The field is the sole influence of the particle.”
-Albert Einstein

Each Vortex product has its unique magnetic frequency and is charged with quantum information. This technology brings harmony to the chaos/field and changes the properties of harmful frequencies – in our bodies, our food, water, gadgets and spaces – transforming lower vibration to higher vibration. As a result, we are realigned with our natural frequency and capacity – initially for our personal health and elevated potential and ultimately promoting global balance.

So much for theory. But what does that really mean? This month, Elinor Durr, Project- and Event Manager at the Head Office of Life Alignment in South Africa, tells us about her first and unfiltered experiences with the small magnetic cards with a big impact.


Elinor (left) and Claire (right) in Greece

“You are exactly what we need at Head Office, Elinor…”

…this is how my journey with Life Alignment began. I found myself in a peaceful, sunny office getting a hug and a warm welcome from people I’d never met.  Immediately I felt at home.

“These are the vortex cards,” explained Dan, Jeff Levin’s son, and Product Manager of the Vortex technology range.
“They look like fridge magnets,” was my reaction, immediately drawn to the geometric shapes and vibrant colours.  “What do they do?”  I was hired because of my compliance and project management background, not because I had any knowledge of Life Alignment and its tools.

“This one can help with the damaging electromagnetic energy from your cell phone, and this one…” my mind had wandered.  I’d arrived in an office that had not yet been unpacked, after Jeff and Merle had moved from Cape Town to Hermanus.  I saw boxes piled to the ceiling and Jeff looking at me as if I could magically turn the piled boxes into a functional office.
“I’ll find out more about the cards tomorrow,” became my mantra.  I could quote the “blurb” on the packaging of each card and that was all I needed to do.
“Can you feel the energy?” Jeff asked one day.
“No,” was my honest answer, “but I don’t need to.  I can see that other people feel it.  I can see what the Life Alignment modality does for people and that the Vortex technology complements it well.”
Fast Forward 18 months and I decided it was time to find out for myself what Jeff’s Vortex Technology actually could do.


Raise the vibration

“The cards call you, you know,” explained Claire Macias, Advanced Life Alignment practitioner in Mexico. “You’ll feel them, when you need to.”
Claire had flown from Mexico City, via Atlanta in the USA, to Madrid and then to Athens, where I met her.   I had only flown from Berlin where I was visiting my daughter.
“How can you be awake already after nearly 36 hours of travelling?” I asked her astounded at her energy levels.
“I use the cards to raise the vibration in my body and thus take away the jet lag. “Let’s go visit the Acropolis!”
After Eleni had guided us through a historical and architectural tour of the Acropolis, Claire and I explored:  Bare foot and too busy looking at the Parthenon columns (are they really not straight?) to see where I was going, I landed face first on the ground, having slipped on some smooth marble.


Vortex First Aid

“Just sit and catch your breath,” was Claire’s advice as I felt her hands on my head and forehead, “You are in a state of shock. I’m just putting all your bodies back together,” while I noticed that my right ring finger was pointing in a very peculiar direction.
I wondered if I was going to need a Greek ambulance to take me to a Greek hospital to fix my finger.  There was no motivation to meet EMTs or hospitals today.
“I’m going to put my finger back before the pain sets in,” I announced.
“Do you know how?” Claire asked.
“I just did,” was my answer and together we laughed and rejoiced in my two hands looking normal again.
Claire took out some Vortex cards,  “just sit with these cards on you, and breathe.”
“Claire, we need to get down this mountain before the pain gets such that I won’t be able to walk down.”  This was not my first tumble.  I knew what would happen when the adrenaline stopped flowing.  I knew that every muscle in my body was going to ache.  I knew that the blood running down my leg was from a scrape that was going to start stinging. The bruise on my buttock would throb, and I was pretty sure that my finger would ache, judging by the speed at which it started turning blue.
But… we had to have a closer look at the Temple of Athena.


The Fire Card

Claire gave me a Square card. “Take this fire card and strap it to your finger with your scarf.”
“What’s that going to do?”
“Help with pain and healing. It generates energy for the body. Where there is pain, energy flow is blocked, so it helps to release the blockage and let healing energy flow.”
“I need coffee,” I remember answering, and I’m pretty sure her answer was, “you always need coffee.”
Having ordered my customary cappuccino (apologies sent to all Italians, I do drink cappuccino after midday), I realized that I really should not be seen in public with my leg still looking like a used butcher’s block.  I found a pharmacy, left Claire to do some shopping and allowed the friendly pharmacist who spoke beautiful English, to clean up my leg.  “This is going to hurt,” as she sprayed some disinfectant.
“I’m obviously still in shock, I’m not feeling any pain,” while she gently pulled some gravel out the gashes.
“You’re not showing any shock symptoms,” she told me.
“Claire,” I shouted, forgetting that she was three shops further down the road, but she heard me.
“I don’t have any pain, and look I can run,” as I skipped down the narrow cobble-stoned street towards her.
“Good, let’s go have lunch.”
After a minute or two of rare silence between us, “Claire, why don’t I feel any pain or stiffness?”
“The beauty of Vortex Technology, she tells me with her smile lighting up the whole of Europe and halfway to Turkey.
I can only but smile back, and ask her, “those cards, did they really do so much?”
“You tell me.”
In my heart I knew she was right. I’m 56 years old, I took a major plummet down some very hard rock and yet, I was hopping, skipping, and jumping.

Jeff explains 

I wanted to tell Jeff about my experiences and of course I had lots of questions, “Jeff, what made you put energy into magnetic sheeting?  Why didn’t you do what homeopaths do?  Can the energy really stay in that magnetic sheeting? How can a piece of magnetic sheeting carry healing energy?”
“One question at a time, please Elinor.  It’s easy, I was told to use a magnet while I was downloading the system.
“I needed a very weak magnet, so I bought some magnets that are on the fridges of all houses with toddlers.  The neon pink and green words like ‘and’ and ‘the’.  These magnets are weak because the north and south poles are very close together.  The magnet is fairly neutral thus being the most effective means of storing and preserving the energy that I’d downloaded.
So, instead of using glycerine, alcohol or sugar-coated pills like the homeopaths and naturopaths use, magnetic strips hold the information.  It allows for a picture on each card to remind us which magnetic strip holds which energy.  A very user-friendly solution.”
“What do you mean by ‘downloading’, Jeff?”
“Through meditation I could connect to Light Beings that helped me understand what I needed to do.”
“And does the energy in the cards last?”
“Once it’s there it is permanent.”  He continued, “I took the cards through test after test – put them in a microwave, on an X-ray machine, leaving them in the sun for days on end, putting them in water and twenty years on, nothing destroyed the energy from the first card I potentized.”

How do the cards help me in my everyday life?

“Try it on animals,” he suggested.  “I know a practitioner who had a squirrel once that had been injured by some dogs.  She put it in a box, put it on a Structural Repair Circle and an hour later opened the box to see how it was doing and it scampered out of the box with not an injury in sight.
I felt my racing brain which always seems to be somewhere in the future or the past or anywhere except where it should be.  He seemed to know what my brain was doing and handed me a  Presence Card.  I felt my body relax and I was able to concentrate on Jeff’s words. I could just BE.
“Try the Earth card in your garden,” he continued.  “I secretly dug one into a friend’s failed garden bed – it was apparently a complete dead bit of the garden.  Two weeks later, I found all plants were flourishing.
“Did you tell her what you’d done?”
“Sometimes being silent has more power than using words,” was Jeff’s wise reply.


A tool for the General Public? 

I related the story to Jeff of my experiences with the Cards in Athens and then proceeded to ask, “Jeff, can the general public with no Life Alignment training or understanding use these cards?”
I could feel and hear the sigh before I even saw the eye roll.
“Elinor, you’ve just spent half an hour telling me all the wonderful things that Vortex Technology has done for you, and you don’t have any Life Alignment training!”

Yes, the cards had called, and yes, they can benefit all.

Vortex Card of the month

Fire Card (Painkiller)

Just as the sun is the generator of energy for the earth, fire is the generator of energy for the body. Fire represents light, heat, energy, protection, and the power of transformation. People with a strong fire element in their constitution have leadership qualities and are confident, brave, progressive and eager in pursuing goals.

The fire card works to activate circulation in the body by energising the energy field that surrounds us.

When there is pain, the energy flow is blocked in that area. Putting the Fire card on the painful area, promotes a release of the blockage (trauma stored in the tissue) to re-open the energy flow, which facilitates the body’s own healing capacity – this works on both physical and emotional pain. It also can increase flexibility and accelerate the healing process when placed on a scar or injury.


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