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It is a natural human aspiration to live well, but what about dying well? Is there such a thing as dying gracefully? This months newsletter is dedicated to exploring the profound topic of facing our mortality and embracing the circle of life with grace. In this space, we aim to illuminate the path toward understanding death not as an end, but as a sacred part of life’s journey – as an element of aligning to Life. Philippa Lubbock, an esteemed figure in the realm of Life Alignment and a beacon of wisdom, shares with us her profound understanding of Life Alignment as well as delves into the heart of the matter: the fear of dying and the art of embracing the inevitable with trust, gratefulness and curiosity. Through her words, we are reminded that the journey homeward is not one of darkness and despair, but of enlightenment and liberation.

How we live, is how we die
 Pema Chodron

Rania strode into my room. Her first visit. ‘Recently’, she said, ‘I heard about this Life Alignment and thought… well, why not give it a try? I’ve tried everything else.’ Her survival rate was barely eighteen months, so Rania was eligible to participate in a clinical trial for cancer. The experimental, unlicensed drugs were brutal, but she would do anything to stay alive.

As students and practitioners, we work with ‘loss’ in every balance.
Loss of self-confidence, trust, relationship, work, security, or death. Each priority is about loss of connection within our physical and subtle bodies. Temporarily, we become dis-connected from the Law of Interconnectedness – with all beingsand all that is.
I am here to serve Rania in the best way possible for her mind, body, and soul. Rather than harbouring any wish to keep her alive, my sole purpose is to listen closely to her higher Self and follow her precise guidance. Aware that this 66year old woman is likely to die soon, how might I assist her to depart free from fear and, instead, to return Home in peace?


Within minutes the root cause of Rania’s fear of dying began to surface.
Her bodymind was consumed with buried rage and hatred. She’d not spoken to her mother for 45 years. ‘I have not cried since my 5th birthday’, she declared. ‘No matter what she did, I refused to let her see me cry.’ Neither had Rania’s four adult children ever seen their mother cry. Over the weeks, she received a balance immediately following each intravenous dose. Life Alignment reduced, significantly, the physical damage and, gradually, Rania began to release not only her paralysing fear of dying, but also her tears.

In time, Rania, became too weak to visit and died at home, peacefully, with her husband and children around her bed. Having made peace with the past, she had cried together with her children.

Personally, in writing about this, I have an advantage. My journey Home is not so far off! And in my early 20’s I became fascinated with this event through reading how, thousands of years ago, Buddhist masters described the dying process in detail, including the order in which the body shuts down. The beauty and reverence with which they described departure from our planetary home, touched me and I wanted to learn all I could about how I might die in the best way possible. Over the years, my teachers gave me the same answer: preparation – using meditation to train my mind to concentrate, be fully present. And as I got older, I recognised a significant difference between the momentous events of birth and death.

Entry into this earthly world is given thoughtful attention through learning about parenthood, what significant bodily changes to expect, as well as managing the mental-emotional waves that accompany this event. Preparation for dying asks that we pay similar care and attention while learning to live with the body’s physical decline, mental confusion, or loneliness – and to deepen our soul connection in readiness for departure.


In every balance, Life Alignment invites us to identify and release what is blocking our soul’s path, and through living more healthily in mind, body, and spirit, we are preparing for a more peaceful journey Home.

‘I’m not afraid of death.
I just don’t want to be there when it happens.’

We laugh at Woody Allen’s old joke, but it’s also true, we don’t know what death is going to be like.  So that brings us to the question: do I want to be there when it happens? If not, what might I be fearful of? Since there is seldom a balance where fear, anxiety, or doubt is not present, it can be a support for us humans, to become friends with fear.  Whether our issue is to do with separation, conflict, illness, or our friend death, fear is the emotion that colours them. And because such issues are not enjoyable, it makes sense to turn away, stay busy, try not to feel, and bury them.

In my experience, fear of death is present in all of us whether, or not, we are aware. In serving our clients who may be grieving for loss of a loved one, a friend, and fear their own death, it is essential that we look at our own fear of dying and loss of our loved ones, so that as we work, we stay grounded, present, accepting whatever arises.

So, what is Death, this event that will happen as surely as dawn gives way to dusk? Why do we turn away? Hovering in the background is the silent presence of the Unknown. We don’t know what it’s like, where, when, or how it will happen. But the Japanese writer, Murakami, reminds us…

‘Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.’

We breathe in. We breathe out. It’s all part of breathing. We come in (birth). We go out (death). It’s all part of living. We can’t have one without the other. Instead of polarisation, birth and death make up a cycle – like the Seasons. So why might we be reluctant to prepare, or even talk about dying?

Let’s look at our physical body, without which we cannot be here. Its design, beauty, function and durability is phenomenal. And, naturally from time to time, pipes leak; passageways get blocked; or the wiring blows a fuse in this guesthouse – like the equipment in our homes. Surrounding this complex feat of engineering, are the subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual) and chakras. And if this were not miraculous enough, there is an ‘invisible’ energy field that extends beyond all these bodies. We know it as the Light Body that represents spiritual awakening and cultivates balance, healing, and transformation.

My physical body was built for me, and I ‘rent’ it on a long lease. One day, I’ll move out and here’s the problem – I don’t want to move out. We fear pain and loss of capacity, of our relationships, status, possessions, and ultimately loss of our identity. Moving out brings up fear of the unknown.  

Death is letting go and Mother Nature is our teacher. A tree doesn’t cling onto its leaves. When it’s time for a leaf to die it lets go… and drops.  But it’s difficult for us humans. We cling. We’re attached to our body, to our story. However, our story is always in process and changing.  It’s not very reliable!

What do I really have to hang onto? My story is impermanent, always revised, re-written. This, after all, is what happens during a Life Alignment balance. We ‘re-write’ our response to parts of our story (the movie) so that we re-experience the memory through greater understanding and an open heart. Our body isn’t a solid continuous thing. Every molecule is transforming living cells into dead ones. The closer we look at this whole package called ‘me’, the less solid it appears to be.


So, death asks: ‘why do you cling onto yourself, onto others, to things? They’re not solid or permanent.’  Once we embrace the truth of impermanence, our fear of loss becomes a little quieter. Life Alignment, this sacred healing system, brings into oneness (alignment) the Wave (material plane, physical body) and the Ocean (subtle plane: mind, heart, soul). It helps us to accept death and dying as part of life. This spiritual path guides us to uncover our buried fears and release them, so that we develop trust, living more as the vast Ocean that we are, and less as separate, anxious waves! 

And the afterlife? What happens to the soul? Following loss of a child, parent, partner, naturally their absence leaves a gaping hole and, as we accompany others through their grieving process, questions may arise that hang in the air – where has my loved one gone? Are they safe, at peace? Belief (or not) in life after death is a deeply personal matter that, I believe, each person will explore if they so choose.

Death is our loving teacher who walks lightly, silently alongside as we enjoy the vitality of life on EarthInterwoven like a fine silk thread into our daily activities, death says: ‘If you’d learn about me, you wouldn’t need to be fearful. I am both the process and the vehicle – a winged chariot or a shiny limousine – to transport you. You can’t go Home without me!’

And so, in our collective wisdom, we know that it is through living daily as kindly, as compassionately and wisely as we can towards our own dear self – and to all living beings – that we die with more peace of mind. For, as the great Masters teach us in their different ways:

‘The moment the wave realises that it is water, 
not separate from the ocean,
all fear of death disappears’. 

Thich Nhat Hanh

Vortex Card of the month

Trust Card (Self-Confidence)

Do you know the feeling when past experiences influence your confidence in the present? You want to stay positive but your self-confidence is limited? The Trust Card is designed to help strengthen the experience of trust in oneself, in life and death, and in the universe.

Experiencing the Trust card, many people describe an increased sense of inner security. This card helps to work on issues of fear, anxiety, vulnerability, giving a sense of inner trust.

When placed on the main door of a room, the Trust card works on the energetic field of the related space and supports the creation of a sense of protection in that area. The aim is to assist you in experiencing your home and body as a haven through positively shifting its energy. This can have the effect of empowerment by means of a greater connection to your inner sense of safety.


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