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Energy Healing with Life Alignment

Spa-style bliss


When many people think of energy healing, they imagine lying quietly with closed eyes, while an energy healer gently passes their hands over the receiver’s body. Perhaps there is background music. Perhaps there are some crystals on the chakras. The sound of some beautiful Tibetan singing bowls. If you have experienced this kind of energy healing, you know how soothing and uplifting it is. Deeply relaxing. And very healing.

The practitioner is doing all the work. Going deep into meditation. Connecting with the cosmos. Clearing blockages from your energy field and bringing in beautiful healing light. This is all wonderful! And it is incredibly helpful to just lie back and receive. 


But it does not change your life. Not really. 


As energy healing goes, this is like having your house cleaned, or maybe having your car serviced. It does help! But it does not fix the problem that is causing the dirty house, or the car that runs badly.


Life Alignment Energy Healing


So how is a Life Alignment balance different exactly? And what is it like to experience?

In a Life Alignment balance, we guide you through your own personal healing journey. The practitioner works minimally with your energy field – entering the information that you need to focus on, and connecting it with the part of the energy field that it correlates with. For example, the theme of feeling disgruntled may be held in the energy of the liver and the solar plexus. 

And the practitioner gently guides you through the process of connecting with your internal feelings and thoughts around the issue.

Your role is to feel deeply, and to uncover the issues that may have been lying dormant, half-forgotten, embedded into your life so deeply that they may be invisible, or feel like they are really part of you.  There are often tears. Truths that can hardly be thought, let alone spoken out loud. Energy healing with Life Alignment is gentle but work with and on yourself.



Healing into Spiritual Alignment


And then, typically, you integrate with your true self, and the true reality. Beyond the suffering and into the beauty of transcendence. You connect with something that is greater. That is good, loving and compassionate. Deeply subjective and deeply true to your heart, and then from this place of spiritual alignment, everything changes.

You are set free. Your relationship with yourself and the world changes.

And because you realign who you are, you realign your own energy field. You become whole. This is almost a kind of rebirth. It is energy healing at a profound level. This is what energy healing with Life Alignment is all about. Obviously every session is not this profound, but they are all transformative on some level.

Author: Alex Edgar (Life Alignment teacher and practitioner at All Aligned Healing