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Home Alignment Part 2/2

Supporting your well-being through the place you live and work in is possible, effective and it is backed up by science. Architectural considerations have the ability to significantly affect the way we interact with one another, increase business productivity, support communities and improve health. Of course, a plant does not yet create an aura. And a fountain does not create a completely new attitude towards life. Here is the link to Part 1.


Maggie: In our interview last month I understood that any time is a good time to do Home Alignment. Please tell us once again why and how it benefits us.


Yes, Home Alignment works efficiently for optimising the home layout, for fostering the selling of a property, for sleeping problems, for miscommunication of the occupants, for work issues, and so much more. 

However, there is a way bigger picture to it.

As per quantum physics: we cannot change anything outside if we don’t change anything inside. Reality reflects our inside.


Wisdom says that the purpose of the Human Being is to express his own essence, his own Human Design.

Imagine yourself as a sculpture that is already completed within the marble block waiting for the artist to remove the superfluous material. In other words in every Human Being there is the potential that is waiting to be revealed.


Every life is a work of art, in which, due to the laws that govern the Universe, beauty, talents and self-expression want to flow together in a harmonious dance. The modality of Home- and Life Alignment is designed to realise the Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below. As below, so above. ” 


Harmonised Space = A place where all the occupants feel safe + welcomed + protected + free to manifest their true essence


Maggie: Jeff Levin says often: “We cannot work with a person separate from their environment”. Is this what you mean with the Hermetic axiom above?


To answer this question, it is important to know that the first house of the soul is the physical body. Human beings have always needed a home, that is a harmonious space to stay in and from where projecting with confidence, trust and enthusiasm towards the world.


Statistics show that by the time you reach Eighty, you will have spent Seventy-Two years of your life indoors. Like it or not, humans have become an indoor species. This data underlines the importance of dwelling in harmonised places. If you are wondering why, you might want to google “Sick Building Syndrome” or look into the growing topic of “Healthy Buildings”.


The indoor environment can be healthy or toxic. A healthy environment fosters and supports vitality, wellbeing and performance. A toxic environment affects the occupant’s psychophysical wellbeing.


The toxicity of a place can come from geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiations, underground black streams, underground tube lines, projections from previous owners, family members and countless other causes.


Maggie: How do I know how restorative or healthy my home or work place is? 


A good place to start working on a home or a land is to measure its “Life Force” by using the Bovis Scale. This scale has been developed by André Bovis to measure the vitality of people, foods and places. Healthy people have a value from 6500 to 8000 on the Bovis scale. Therefore, in order to stay healthy, a human being needs to dwell in places with more than 6,500 Bovis. Many places do not reach this value and therefore diminish the human life force, instead of supporting it.



Maggie: Fascinating. How does Home Alignment tackle and improve the area in case the space is below a healthy value? 


First of all, Home Alignment helps people to shift internally and reflect these changes externally. We work with the floor plan of the client’s space to identify the harmful influences we explained above and negative patterns that are blocking the natural flow of Life Force in someone’s home and life.

In Home Alignment we also make use of the Vortex technology. Vortex Cards are magnetic plates holding a magnetic field and (I will add a link to the website here where the Vortex technology is explained more in detail) are usually placed by the main entrance door but they might be placed on other walls, pipes, corners etc. Any particular card will emit a very specific quantum field of energy that works with specific stressors. Only a few minutes after the cards are placed, the space feels tangible differently and it is possible to measure the improvement of its Life Force on the Bovis Scale. Improving the quality of a place makes its occupants healthier, happier and more creative. Since we are all interconnected this is good for the person, for the community and for the whole planet.


I want to tell you a story. Since 2001 Lucia and her husband Andrea have lived in a building that Lucia’s father built for himself and his 3 children. The property has never been officially divided, as a result, none of the children feel the house as their own. Lucia and Andrea are both architects but leave the house in decay and disorder. This generates frequent quarrels in the couple and constant neurosis, never a moment of peace. The quarrels also multiply between brothers and the building falls in ruin. Chaos creates chaos. After the work with Home Alignment, Lucia and Andrea “rewired” their passion and desire to create a harmonious domestic space together. The dialogue between brothers has reopened and, as a consequence, the father has finally decided to resolve the bureaucracies.

From harmonious domestic relationships, obtained with the awareness and responsibility of the individual subjects, planning, creativity and beauty may finally flourish.


Maggie: That’s a great example, I can only confirm the magic of Home Alignment. Small changes can trigger big sifts! What can I do at home to make my space more balanced?

Sure, there are wonderful ways how your home can become a more balanced place, designed for relaxation, comfort and enjoyment.

Here are three simple yet effective tips:



  1. Decluttering A cluttered home makes rest and relaxation difficult.

“Decluttering gives people a renewed sense of control over their environment,” explains Catherine Roster, PhD, who has studied the effect clutter has on our psychological well-being. A bright environment lifts your mood and gives a sense of renewal, cleanliness and serenity. 


After the clutter is gone:

  • reorganise your storage; 
  • get handsome baskets and boxes to store what you want to keep;
  • substitute old blinds, shades and curtains with sheers so that natural light comes in.



2. Living Plants and Fresh Flowers are powerful injector of wellness into your life while simultaneously improving the beauty of your living space. They have a wide range of well documented physical and mental health benefits going from purifying the air quality of your indoor spaces to improving mood while reducing stress. With little effort, you can create pockets of greenery that contribute in making your home a calmer and more graceful environment. 



3. Natural Elements such as wood, stone, metal, water, and fire are ways to bring calm to any space. Start small and get creative. A jar of river stones is an attractive addition. An indoor fountain, candles, works of art. Find items made with natural materials that speak to you and fit with the way you want to feel in your home.