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Geopathic Stress




What is Geopathic Stress?

Have you ever wondered why plants thrive in some places and right next door they just don’t grow?

Would there be a reason why insect life is prolific on one side of a mountain and yet non-existent on the other? Why can you concentrate when sitting in one location, but battle to focus on that very same task when you change your physical location, even by one room?

Have you ever felt like you’ve tried everything, but certain physical symptoms just don’t go away?  Symptoms such as disrupted sleep, increased stress levels, fatigue, and even chronic health conditions. include headaches, anxiety, and a weakened immune system.  Have you noticed that these symptoms are better in a different geographic location?
When deciding where to have your next holiday, where to live, what house to buy, what mountain to climb, it is interesting to be aware of potential disturbances in the earth’s energy field as some of these disturbances could affect our physical and energetic health. These disturbances to the earth’s energy field can be natural or man-made and has a collective term – Geopathic Stress.
Geopathic stress not only affects us as humans but will affect all living organisms.


What causes the Geopathic Stress?

When we talk about geopathic stress we are relating to any imbalance in the earth from natural sources such as:

  • Underground water veins.  Groundwater may create radiation caused by the friction of water against mineral deposits, as well as geological faults, due to a difference in the electric charge of the masses on each side of the fault generating radiation.
  • Geological fault lines and formations
  • Mineral deposits
  • Changes in the earth’s magnetic fields

These natural phenomena are thought to create disturbances in the Earth’s energy that can affect the health and well-being of those exposed to them.

 Human Causes of Geopathic Stress

In addition to natural sources, geopathic stress can also result from human-made factors such as

  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from power lines, electrical appliances, and wireless technology. These EMFs are believed by some to disrupt the natural energy balance of the Earth and can potentially have adverse effects on health.
  • Fracking or mining, so digging deep into the earth’s crust.

How do you detect geopathic stress? 

Scientists, geologists or geobiologists will use sensitive instruments which will show any disturbance in the earth’s crust.

  • Geobiological Assessment: Geobiologists are individuals who specialize in assessing and addressing geopathic stress. They use a combination of tools, including dowsing instruments and scientific instruments like electromagnetic field detectors and Geiger counters.

Energy healers including Life Alignment practitioners will use the tools they have in their toolkit to ascertain both the strength and maliciousness of the stress.

  • Intuitive Assessment: Some energy healers rely on their intuition and sensitivity to energy to detect geopathic stress. They may use their hands to scan an environment or a person’s energy field, looking for areas that feel different or disrupted.
  • Dowsing: A common technique used to locate areas of geopathic stress. It involves using tools such as pendulums, dowsing rods, or even a simple twig to detect changes in the energy field. The dowser holds the tool of choice which reacts to the presence of geopathic stress by moving or changing direction.
  • The Vortex Divining rods: are profoundly effective at determining the existence and severity of geopathic stress.
How do you mitigate the effects of the geopathic stress?

We can’t physically change the disturbance in the earth’s crust.  Once it’s made, it’s made.  However, we can change the energy around it through various techniques:

  • Repositioning Furniture: Rearranging furniture or beds to avoid geopathic stress zones is a common strategy.
  • Crystals and Stones: Some energy healers believe that specific crystals and stones can help neutralize or absorb geopathic stress energies. They may place these crystals strategically in affected areas.
  • Energy Balancing: Energy healers may use various energy balancing or clearing techniques, such as Reiki, Feng Shui adjustments, or space clearing rituals, to harmonize the environment and alleviate the perceived negative effects of geopathic stress.
  • Shielding Materials: Some practitioners recommend the use of shielding materials, like special paints or fabrics, to block or redirect geopathic stress energies. (the cell phone card is useful here).
  • Relocation: In extreme cases, if geopathic stress is deemed severe and persistent, energy healers may suggest relocating to a different environment that is considered free from geopathic stress.  This is as a very last resort.
  • Space & Home Alignment: We can align the energy with our own energy.  This would be done at a very deep level in Organisational/Home alignment. These measures can help create a healthier living environment and improve overall well-being.




The Life Alignment Balance of Living Space


When asked personally about how to balance the energy of a house effected by geopathic stress, Jeff Levin replied:” Traditionally with copper rods but we can place a Vortex Card or 2 as needed on the front door, which has been shown to balance the energy of the house including the EMF, negative/ stuck energy from current or previous occupants etc.” Before adding: “Depending on the severity of the geopathic stress, we might add a Vortex Generator”.

Jeff went on to detail that you’ll often find a Benker line that’s negative on the building plan. He spoke of a case where the whole house had negative energies. There were entities in the house and people had been reporting seeing them. This is a good example of geopathic stress manifesting in very tangible ways.

Why is it important to mitigate the effects of geopathic stress?

Proponents of the concept of geopathic stress argue that prolonged exposure to these energy disturbances can lead to a range of health issues. These may include disrupted sleep patterns, increased stress levels, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, weakened immune system, and in some cases, chronic health conditions.

The modality of Home Alignment works efficiently for optimising the home layout, for fostering the selling of a property, for sleeping problems, for miscommunication of the occupants, for work issues, and so much more. However, there is a way bigger picture to it. As per quantum physics: we cannot change anything outside if we don’t change anything inside. Reality reflects our inside. It helps people to shift internally and reflect these changes externally. We work with the floor plan of the client’s space to identify the harmful influences such as geopathic stress and and negative patterns that are blocking the natural flow of Life Force in someone’s home and life.

In Home Alignment we also make use of the Vortex technology. Vortex Cards are magnetic plates holding a magnetic field and are usually placed by the main entrance door but they might be placed on other walls, pipes, corners etc. Any particular card will emit a very specific quantum field of energy that works with specific stressors. Only a few minutes after the cards are placed, the space feels tangible differently. Improving the quality of a place makes its occupants healthier, happier and more creative. Since we are all interconnected this is good for the person, for the community and for the whole planet.

How well known is the concept of Geopathic stress?

Interestingly, the concept of geopathic stress is not new.  This is quite a unique area where ancient wisdom melds well with modern science. Various cultures throughout history have recognized the importance of the Earth’s energies and their impact on human health. In modern times, scientific research is shedding light on the subject, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding.

While geopathic stress might not be a household term, it’s essential to consider its potential influence on our lives. Awareness of this phenomenon can empower us to make informed choices about our living spaces and take steps to ensure our environments support our well-being. The knowledge of specific ley lines and whether they are inherently positive or negative could be of great benefit to us as a species and will hopefully become more widespread.


Vortex Card of the month


Rainbow Card (Harmonising)

The Rainbow card works on our homes and workplaces in a similar fashion to how the Personal Protector card works on the body, by harmonising discordant energies for the occupants of the space.


The primary use of the Rainbow card is to balance the human energy field, which then promotes alignment in the physical structure of the body.


The Rainbow card also supports the process of balancing the energy field in buildings. It promotes a frequency that helps to harmonise the atmosphere of a house or office from potential harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, Feng Shui imbalances, and even toxic energies. Many users experience this effect as a noticeable change in ambience that is imbued with more peace, vitality, lightness, clarity, freshness, and well-being.