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Healing Mother Earth

Healing Mother Earth

In these turbulent times, the world faces the challenges of war and conflict.  We seek higher meaning and purpose to make sense of the chaos. With many of our Life Alignment family directly affected, our present focus is on the current Middle East crisis.

We turn our attention towards the healing and nurturing of our planet. Let us delve into the concept of connecting our body’s earth-star chakra to the planet’s earth chakra and how we can contribute to its well-being during these trying times.

Chakras to support Mother Earth

There are two significant chakras we can activate – both off our body.  The Earth-Star Chakra and how it can connect to the planet’s earth chakra.  Even our planet has a chakra system, like our human bodies.

The Earth-Star Chakra can serve as a bridge to higher spiritual realms, helping us gain insights regarding our life’s purpose. It can provide the strength and resilience and contribute positively to the world, even in the face of adversity.


The earth-star Chakra corresponds to body point F23, which we learn about in Module 5 of the Life Alignment training programme.

The Earth-star chakra is located below the feet, just slightly beneath the Earth’s surface. It’s often seen as a complementary chakra to the traditional seven or more chakras in the human energy system.

The Earth Star Chakra is a connection point between our physical body and the energy field of the planet.


Connection with the Planet’s Earth Chakra

The Earth chakra is typically thought of as an energy centre within the Earth itself. It connects the human energy system to the Earth’s energy system via the human’s earth-star chakra.  When the Earth-star chakra is open, it allows for a flow of energy between an individual and the Earth.

Out of Balance Chakras

During times of war and conflict, the Earth Chakra can experience immense strain. The negative energies generated by human suffering, destruction, and fear can disrupt the natural flow of energy within the Earth. This disruption, in turn, affects the overall well-being of our planet and its ability to provide for us.  When the earth chakra is blocked, the following symptoms show up:

  1. Environmental Impact: Wars often result in environmental destruction, including deforestation, pollution, and damage to ecosystems. In the context of the Earth Chakra, this environmental degradation might be seen as a reflection of the damage to the Earth’s energy centres.
  2. Spiritual and Energetic Consequences: including a disconnection between humans and the natural world, leading to a loss of spiritual connection and balance.
  3. Natural Catastrophes: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters might be viewed as expressions of the Earth’s distress.   We might well see more of these natural disasters as the earth shows its unbalance in this turbulent time. These events – maybe even the floods at your head office, Hermanus – are efforts by the Earth to restore balance.
  4. Disconnection from Nature: a damaged Earth Chakra contributes to a disconnection between humans and the natural world. This disconnection could result in a lack of respect for the environment and a diminished sense of responsibility for Earth’s well-being.


Imbalanced Earth Star Chakra

When this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, we may feel disconnected from nature and the world around us. Symptoms of an imbalanced Earth Star Chakra can include feeling a lack of purpose and having difficulty manifesting one’s desires or goals.

Opened and Activated Chakras

  • We feel more grounded, stable, and connected to our soul light, purpose, and more connected to the planet and to others as a result.
  • We may feel more confident, secure, and at peace with ourselves and our surroundings.
  • We may also feel more in tune with our spiritual path and our connection to the universe.

When your Earth Star Chakra is activated, it will bring you into close communion with the magic, healing, and sacred energy of the Earth.

The Earth Star Chakra is like the grounding point for your aura and subtle energy bodies.

Magical, incredible healing can occur.  One connects not only with one’s own ancestors, but the earth’s ancestral healing can also start.

For example
  1. We diminish feelings of anxiety and fear.
  2. Health issues, both physical and mental, can diminish as we connect more and more to Mother Earth, our health is much more positive.
  3. We feel a connection with our planet with a positive symbiotic relationship existing between us as humans and Mother Earth and Nature.

Activating these Chakras

Practice mindfulness and meditation to connect with the Earth’s energy.

Send love, light, and healing intentions to the Earth through your thoughts and feelings.

Visualize the planet as a vibrant, healthy being.

The easiest way to activate and balance your Earth Star chakra is by simply relaxing and listening to the Earth Star Activation Meditation with Archangel Metatron and Sandalphon.

In practical terms, we can do certain actions:
  1. Global Peace Initiatives: Advocate for peace and conflict resolution. Support organizations and movements dedicated to peaceful solutions, as reducing conflict directly contributes to the Earth’s healing.
  2. Community Support: Strengthen your local community. Building connections and supporting each other during challenging times can help spread positive energy and resilience. Jeff commented on Community in one of his regular chats. Being part of a community like Life Alignment is an integral part of aligning, balancing and opening our chakras and allowing us to connect with Mother Earth’s chakra. Work within your local community to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. Participate in clean-up events, community gardens, or initiatives to reduce waste.
  3. Of course, using the Earth Card



Vortex Card of the month

Earth Card (Grounding)


The Earth card is used to balance the earth and vegetable kingdoms, which have often been affected by electrical disturbances in the earth and pollutants in the air and on land. The Vortex and Life Alignment concept works with the understanding that the energy field of a human being is connected to the energy field of the earth, of animals, of vegetation, etc.

The Earth card can for example be used to activate the life force of minerals and vegetables. You can witness profound changes in growth and health of many types of vegetation. The mechanism of the Earth card is to infuse the energy field of plants with light and life force, which has been shown to enhance their growth and help them recover from challenges such as moulds, fungus, or mistreatment. Stones, crystals or jewellery can be cleansed of negative energies they have absorbed as a way to re-energise and reactivate them to their original life force.