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How Does Life Alignment work?

CHRISTINE HARDY – Advanced Practitioner and teacher of Life Alignment in South Africa and online all over the world, how do you explain what Life Alignment is and how it works?


I remember only too well when I came home full of enthusiasm from attending the first module of Life Alignment in 2003. I proudly showed my husband my new tool…. the pendulum.  

My husband enquired how does that pendulum work? I demonstrated by showing him how the pendulum would swing clockwise or anti clockwise when asking a question which would indicate a yes or no response. You are swinging it yourself he exclaimed!  I said something along the lines of, no I’m not, look what happens when you hold the pendulum still over your hand. It moves by itself because you have an energy centre there. You try it I insisted. I then went on to demonstrate to him that you can find body points and emotions from a chart. I am not joking when I say my scientific husband was indeed very sceptical. His comment was, well I’m sure you can make up any number of stories with a few words. His advice to me was, if you want to do this you had better learn how to explain it properly. I assured him in time I would.  



How did you begin the journey of talking about Life Alignment and energy healing? 


Merle Westcot was my teacher so by the time I had qualified with Module 2 in January 2004 I knew I had to get out there and tell people about this amazing healing modality. I asked Merle if I could watch her talk to a group of people, she was introducing L.A to. I took notes and thought I needed to go home and practice a pitch using my own words. Its much easier than trying to remember word for word what someone else has said.  

I started by writing articles for a local community newspaper. Initially I found it difficult to write in a way that flowed. I would put my thoughts down and then I’d have to rearrange paragraphs and sentences which seemed to take hours.  My weekly articles were published until I ran out of things to write about because of my limited knowledge.  

I set about reading as many books as I could get my hands on to understand vibrational medicine in more depth. I took loads of notes on things that stood out for me that I could relate to. My first public chat and demonstration was at the Body and mind fare in Durban South Africa. Oh my gosh, I was so nervous I couldn’t breathe. I was told take a few deep breaths and then I was literally shoved to the front of a large audience. Once I started talking my nerves eased and I was rewarded when a keynote speaker and presenter congratulated me on my presentation. 

When I became a teacher of Life Alignment in 2006, I would advertise regularly in our national healing magazine Odyssey and on the South African Body and Mind website. Mostly clients were referred via word-of-mouth, however, I would pick up some new students that wanted to attend a workshop from advertising. 

 I volunteered to speak at our first International L.A conference in Cape Town in 2015 many years later. 



Believe in yourself and shine your own light in your unique way. 

What I have learnt over the years is that when you put yourself out there in the spotlight the most unexpected things can happen. I was approached by a Spiritual T.V company to request filming me in an interview and doing a balance on the interviewer. My home had film crew setting the scene for the production. It was great fun but unfortunately another long-standing well-known healer was their choice for their show. Over the years I have been invited as a guest on numerous radio interviews. In addition to being on the Life Alignment website I have my own website. My dream going forward is to be an invited guest as a practicing therapist to luxury healing retreats. I have my first one coming up next year In Thailand which I am very excited about. 

If I hadn’t shined my light and faced the fears and tasks of showing up, then I wouldn’t have built any noteworthy credibility and of course my husband was my biggest supporter.  



The most recent interview was with Wolfgang Sonnenburg who has his own British Health radio broadcast.   Here is the link: 

Wolfgang Sonnenburg will be interviewing Dr Jeff Levin on Organizational Alignment, which is very exciting, and all helps to show case our incredible healing modality to the world. 


Here are some tips I recommend getting started on building your confidence. 

  1. Feel your passion for L.A and let it shine through with matched enthusiasm when you talk to anyone. Even if its just one person.  
  1. Writing helps you to speak and articulate clearly. 
  1. Read out what you write and record yourself.  
  1. Next step is to memorise as much as possible and keep recording until it flows with ease.  
  1. Keep it simple in words that you would usually use, it makes it much easier to memorize. 
  1. Remember most importantly you are showing up for yourself so work on self-doubt. 
  1. Visualize success and have a vision of what you want to achieve.  
  1. Create a mission statement. 
  1. When you are in the spotlight be your unique authentic self.  
  1. Use the trust card and surround yourself with the activators when practicing and presenting. 
  1. Every day take actions towards your goals, be consistent. 
  1. Try doing a podcast on subjects that interest you. 
  1. Become a teacher of L.A 


Wishing you much joy and success on your L.A journey.  

Love and Blessings