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SoulCollage® and Life Alignment – Images of your Soul

Finding inspiration in difficult times, in a fun and playful way. Is this possible? Let’s talk to Orit Inbar, Advanced Practitioner and Teacher of Life Alignment in Israel, about her experience with art and the human soul. Orit believes that there is creativity in every single person.

Well let’s hope so, because art and creativity play an essential role in the intellectual, emotional, cognitive and aesthetic development and perception of one’s own reality. Art is a form of communication that often works better than the spoken word. A form of communication that is suitable for presenting complex relationships in a simple but clear way. Creating art is a model for a flexible appropriation of reality that does not cling to rules and norms, but seeks the essential with intuition and imagination.

Orit, tell us more about your relation to Artwork and Life Alignment?


All my life I knew the joy and power of creativity. Therefore I decided to study Psychology and Art Therapy. With this background I was able to facilitate personal and organisational Change Management with dynamic and powerful processes.

At some point I entered a personal crisis. I was physically and emotionally very hurt and didn’t come further with the tools I knew back then. A friend of mine gifted me a Life Alignment session – up to that time I wasn’t even aware of that kind of work. The first session felt so strange to me as it was way too accurate and powerful. How could this be? You need to know I have a very rational mind and back then was very committed to conventional therapy. Only 2 months later I went again, mainly to prove myself that Life Alignment can’t be that miraculous. It was too powerful again. I understood this is much more than a healing modality. It’s a life changer and a lífe philosophy. From that day I was hooked :).


Oh I love such stories, when the mind experiences that not only the conscious but also the unconscious and the heart are a centre of excellence.


Yes, today I like it as well! Exactly this is the reason why I love to bridge the power of Life Alignment with artwork. There are a lot of people out there which need energy work to be more tangible in order to understand and work with it. Not only creative people like to use art, it’s actually the opposite. For rationally minded clients, art can become a way to express themselves beyond the mind. It’s a way to assimilate energy into matter – and that is all about living here on earth in this life circle – isn’t it? When we come to this world, we come to a world of matter. We have a body, we have houses, we have cars etc.


I was already a Body Spin teacher and with Life Alignment for over 7 years when I happened upon the modality SoulCollage® at a conference. The workshop I actually signed up for was closed even though I had a ticket and the only lecture hall still open was on SoulCollage®. Definitely a beautiful example of universal coincidence. Because after this workshop it was clear to me that this artistic method would help me a lot with some of my clients in my Life Alignment practice.

Tell us more, what is SoulCollage® and how does it help your practice?


SoulCollage® is a way for me to get greater access to the soul of people. No judging, but for example for people with a conservative background or government institutions committing easier to Art Therapy than to Energy Therapy. It’s sometimes easier to break the ice with art work than with energetic work.

Everybody has imagination, even if they think they don’t. SoulCollage® is an inspiring and creative process with the aim of making the many facets of a life story visible. It’s a creative way into the inner realm, in a very simple process so that everyone can do it. I like the modality of SoulCollage® as you don’t have to be a big artist. You only need to cut out images and glue them together in the shape of a card, using your intuition and what you found in magazines or wherever. People that are having difficulties connecting to something that is abstract can create in this way something they can touch and feel.

SoulCollage®, so to speak, are creative images of your soul with amazing impact and depth. However, there is a limit to where you can get by working with the cards and this is why I facilitate it with the system of Life Alignment. It enables much deeper work, using inner guidance which appears through our artwork.

Interesting, do you have examples?


There are so many examples. Intuitive art processes help us to recognize what needs to be balanced within us and which energy comes up asking for self-development.

Just recently I had a client which needed help finding more information about his collage. “The card refused to speak to him”. With a Life Alignment balance we have the tools to create familiarity to the artwork. We can deepen our connection to it and how it can guide us in a meaningful way.


“In the Shadow is the gold.”


The quote above from Carl Jung refers to those elements of the shadow that are actually quite precious elements, relegated to the shadows due to painful associations, societal judgments, and cultural disapproval, etc.

In Life Alignment we enter the realm of the Higher Self and with it’s magical options we can open up some doors or shadows to the subconscious matter that needs to be brought into light. Our subconscious is getting the opportunity to say what/how does “it” feel and be handled carefully.

The fun and not threatening key to this realm may be using creative processes which also bypass the defensive mechanism of the ego-mind. When we created intuitive art, we can continue with the Life Alignment process to connect to the expressed inner guide, belief or program and shift it to something that serves us better. If you don’t work with SoulCollage® you can bring other intuitive artwork to your Life Alignment practitioner or you can ask to do it together. This works online and offline, no limitations!

Maybe you can relate to the feeling when talking to someone directly, it sometimes can be intimidating. But if you’re talking about a collage or image it is then referring to something that is out of you which makes it less intimidating. It’s because working with art lowers defences of the mind and ego and enables people to reach some repressed emotions.

I am getting inspired! I really like the idea of unlocking creative soulwork. I can see that there is no limit to it. What other examples can you share with us?


Archetypes! Identifying which archetypes are influential in our lives can thus lead us to self-discovery, self-awareness, growth. In SoulCollage® we have the so-called council suit in a deck of cards which are directly related to archetypes. Archetypes also come up in a Life Alignment session as part of the system. Creating a collage for a specific archetype may help us have a very concrete and perceptible image of the archetype which might be easier to connect to. And vice versa. After working with an archetype in a balance, one can create a card for it, using the energy and emotions that were manifested during the balance and the card will “keep” the memory of the work and project its energy each time it’s needed.


I have found over the years that the cards help the client both during and after balance. A card can come up when it comes to connection, for example inner child. But it can also be incredibly useful to intuitively create a collage after a balance to manifest and capture the energy shift. Whenever I lose the feeling of the session but need it I can use the card to feel and sustain the frequency.

Ok Orit, I wouldn’t call myself being creative but you’ve got me. What can we do at home if we don’t have access to SoulCollage®?


Sure! Just start to create a deck of cards. You don’t need a facilitator for that, it’s simple, it’s cheap! Sit down and find magazines, use rubbish – I call it upcycling – or search on the internet for keywords which come up for you intuitively. Print out pictures which resonate with you and create collages like in the example images above (there will be some of your examples). You just have to agree to trust your intuition.

It is important to understand that it is not about analysing the cards. It is a concentration of a certain energy that is created from your soul. Nothing needs to be understood mentally, nothing needs to be done. You can only be with the vibration of the card.

So enjoy the creative process and start using them as information parts and bring them to your Life Alignment balance. The energy of the balance will be “poured” into the cards and can stay with you after the balance is finished.